Catholic Register Staff

Catholic Register Staff

September 14, 2023

Precise data

In reading The Catholic Register article “No bodies discovered in Manitoba excavation,” the thought came to me that a wonderful contribution that the Canadian bishops could make in assisting with Indigenous reconciliation would be to finance a national digital database of all residential schools, churches, cemeteries, surrounding buildings within the defined boundaries captured from aerial photography that would date from the 1920s and legal survey plans done by the Department of Natural Resources (NRCAN), previously Energy Mines and Resources (EMR) Ottawa. This would even show structures that were later destroyed by fire.

Remarks of Pope Francis concluding the Mass at Steppe Arena, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia on Sept. 3.

September 8, 2023

Giesbrecht’s missteps

In “Canada Needs 12 steps back from affirmative action,” Catholic Register guest columnist Brian Giesbrecht bluntly assigns the unmeasurable economic wealth gleaned by 500 years of slavery to a supposed Western cultural genius for meritocracy, a term only coined in recent years. Giesbrecht deftly omits mention of the recent New York Times publication “1619” on the history of American slavery. He also tries to make history disappear by omitting mention of Columbus’ 1492 introduction of Indigenous killings.

Mackenzie-Fort Smith Bishop Jon Hansen was among the thousands of evacuees forced to flee the Northwest Territories due to the wildfires. The bishop has been keeping in touch with his flock online.

August 31, 2023

Where's the proof

Canada’s True North has reported that 83 churches have now been desecrated, vandalized or burned to the ground since the announcement that graves were found near residential schools in Kamloops, British Columbia. However, no actual graves have been excavated and no definitive wrong proven. But those who don’t like Catholics and the Catholic Church were given the green light to attack churches and frighten believers. And what has been the response to the destruction from the bishops and the government? Silence.

August 24, 2023

Sin and error

In “How the Church Failed Sinead O’Connor” (Aug. 13-20 issue) Katherine Bennett implies that the Church is responsible for the sad life and death of singer Sinead O’Connor.

Part of the Canadian bishops’ contribution toward Health Canada’s consultation on palliative care.

Fourteen anomalies discovered by ground-penetrating radar in a Manitoba church basement are not human remains, an excavation has discovered.

Message of thanks from Pope Francis to the volunteers of World Youth Day XXXVII during his Apostolic Journey to Portugal.

July 27, 2023

Housing refugees

Regarding ‘No quick fix to housing asylum seekers, says ORAT head’ at, it was so gracious that Tabernacle Church reached out to temporarily house our brothers and sisters with the financial help of Mohamad Fakih.