Wendy-Ann Clarke, The Catholic Register

Wendy-Ann Clarke, The Catholic Register

When Grade 11 English students in Durham Catholic high schools receive their reading assignments this year, the works of Shakespeare and other conventional texts will be replaced with ones focusing on Indigenous voices.

Uncertainty surrounding varsity sports in light of the global pandemic has 17-year-old softball player Rachelle Zilavec admittedly anxious but optimistic as she weighs the prospects of even starting her freshman season this year.

For 24 years Antonio Gambale’s classroom has been a place where all have been welcomed and accepted, and for that, the Niagara Region teacher has been recognized with the Rick Hansen Foundation’s Difference Maker Award.

Canadians enjoy religious freedom unlike many in other parts of the world, so for Jeffrey Susilo the thought that recent church vandalism could be evidence that those freedoms might be under attack is disheartening.  

Parents of Black children are continuing in the push for change as the province works to address issues of systemic racism in Ontario schools.

Ontario’s high school and elementary students will be back in school in September, with significant provincial investment in measures to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. 

After years of loneliness living on the streets, Gordon Petrie’s chance move into a rundown shed outside a Ukrainian Catholic church in Surrey, B.C., has brought him friendship, community and a family reunion out of his wildest dreams.

Sports enthusiast and Indigenous language educator Dominic Beaudry doesn’t pass up an opportunity for a teachable moment on or off the field of play.

In a summer deeply impacted by global pandemic, virtual summer school has proven popular for students looking to maximize their time during normal vacation months.

For teenage anti-racism activist Brooklyn Albuquerque, the fight for social justice hits painfully close to home.