When you start considering who should inherit various parts of your estate and other assets, think about the most tax-effective solutions that avoid creating tax burden for your beneficiaries. 

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Given the large number of aging baby boomers, the next 10 years will see a dramatic increase in intergenerational transfer of wealth. Many business owners have worked their entire lives and have a significant portion of their net worth tied up in these businesses.

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If you are thinking of a charitable gift or bequest to a charity, it is prudent to consider the assets that appreciate in value and are subject to a capital gains tax.

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Pay unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, said Jesus, yet few topics rankle people more than taxes.

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When it comes to giving to the Church, the adage that cash is king is not necessarily true. 

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The clergy have never been an outstanding revenue source for governments, yet some clergy are volunteering to pay more taxes.

Rabbi Stephen Wise of Shaarei-Beth El Congregation in Oakville, Ont., is forming Faith Leaders for Fair Taxation. Modeled after Doctors for Fair Taxation and Lawyers for Fair Taxation, Wise wants to provide a platform for all clergy to ask governments to increase taxes.

People have to stop thinking of taxes as a dirty word, said Wise.

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