Catholic Register Special

Catholic Register Special

“I reiterate my innocence,” Quebec City Cardinal Gérald Lacroix says in a six-minute video that the Archdiocese of Quebec released on its YouTube channel.

A letter from Archbishop Francis Leo for Catholic Education Week.

It’s a burning issue from Sweden and Denmark to Iraq and Pakistan. Two Koran-burning incidents by individuals in the two Scandinavian countries have ignited furious reactions in Iraq, Pakistan and much of the Muslim world, leaving Christian minorities there even more vulnerable to extremist hatred.

Bishop Nicola De Angelis, Bishop emeritus of Peterborough and former Auxiliary Bishop of Toronto, passed away today in Montefiascone, Villa Santa Margarita Hospital in Italy. He was 84.

With preparations ramping up for the upcoming World Youth Day (WYD) in Lisbon, Portugal, next summer, participants can expect an interreligious and ecumenical focus, said the Canadian coordinator for the event.

As its detailed program was launched on June 23, the Papal visit team unveiled the official logo of the Papal visit to Canada. The logo, which illustrates the Walking Together theme, is the work of an incredibly talented Indigenous artist, Shaun Vincent. 

In life, Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski and Mother Róza Czacka led their Polish countrymen with courage and humble service. Now the 20th century compatriots will be beatified together.

In the new Novalis book Here With Us: A Parish Guide to Serving People with Dementia, The Catholic Register’s Michael Swan outlines a massive pastoral challenge. There will be well over one million Canadians living with some form of dementia by 2036. They certainly will not be absent from parishes. Are we ready?

A great story will certainly emerge from this Advent; a year like no other. An Advent to remember for sure and the stories we tell about this time will be noteworthy.

Is there no middle ground to be found?

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