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Estate Planning

Most charitable gifts are spent. The money is spent responsibly and carefully and there’s never enough of it, but the money gets spent. That’s why there’s always another letter, another appeal, another campaign.

Pre-planning brings some peace of mind


Planning for a funeral — let alone your own — can be a stressful task.

Executor carries a heavy load


An executor is a person named in a Will to deal with the deceased’s estate after they die. 

Funeral Mass offers a fitting farewell


Recently a priest friend of mine who is serving in another diocese shared with me a story about the death of one of his parishioners. 

Legacy Society says ‘thanks’ to donors


Retirement brought an end to what Catherine von Zuben called “35 wonderful years in education” where she felt she made a difference in the lives of children under her care.

The reality of death, taxes … and probate


Your death may be end of life, but it’s not the end of the bills. Aside from burial costs and cleaning up the monthly household bills, the executor of the estate will usually be faced with probate fees.

It’s a win-win situation with gift of insurance


Bill Olynyk often wondered how he could further support his parish, St. Mary’s in Barrie, Ont. 

Receiving gift of life … straight from the heart


St. John Paul II called organ donation a “genuine act of love.” Pope Benedict XVI is a registered organ donor and urges others to follow suit. For many people, offering this gift of life is intrinsic to their estate planning. Here is one story of how signing a donor card saved a life. 

Gifts in kind offer a ‘fair’ challenge


A gift in kind to your favourite charity is always good for a tax receipt, but arriving at the gift’s fair market value can be difficult.

What’s in a name? As it turns out, a lot


It seems easy and straightforward. You make out your Will, you divide your assets between family, charitable causes and other beneficiaries and all is said and done — your wishes now in writing and detailed for those who survive you.

Your guide to understanding Wills


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to “speak” from the grave and tell your loved ones how you would like things handled after you die?