VATICAN CITY - Seeing baby Jesus in the Nativity scene reminds people that Christ uses humility and love to save the world, not impressive force or a magic wand, Pope Francis said.

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December 17, 2015

Christmas wishes

For centuries pilgrims have arrived in Bethlehem at Christmas to celebrate where Christ was born at the site of the present-day Church of the Nativity. But this will be a December of modest crowds and muted celebrations due to an autumn of violence in the West Bank.

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VATICAN CITY - The Christmas tree and Nativity scene in St. Peter's Square will be set up and unveiled earlier than usual this year to be ready for the opening of the Year of Mercy.

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Every step that Mary took, she took out of love, says Alissa Jung.

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VATICAN CITY - God did not come to the world with arrogance to impose His might; He offered His powerful love through a fragile child, Pope Francis said.

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TORONTO - Since the early 1970s parishioners at downtown Toronto’s St. Francis of Assisi parish have honoured their namesake and Jesus Christ with a life-sized Nativity scene. 

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Toronto - Madhuri Ramadeen credits a Christmas play from her childhood for bringing her to Christ.

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VATICAN CITY - Christmas in St. Peter's Square this year has a particularly southern Italian flavor with a towering tree from the Molise region and a Nativity scene donated by the Basilicata region.

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Toronto - Shattered plexiglass and tape is now what stands between the Nativity scene in front of Toronto's Old City Hall and the elements.

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Creating a sculpture is like playing a game of chess, said sculptor Tim Schmalz of his expanding clay Nativity scene. 

"Your opponent does one move and that will determine your move," said Schmalz. "And with doing a multi-figured sculptural scene like this, I have to react with the central piece… I have to monitor what person plays what role within this drama."

Schmalz worked on his sculpture of baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph at the sixth annual Friends of the Crèche International Convention in November and is currently working on adding the three wise men, shepherds, an angel and animals to the scene. He hopes to have the sculpture completed by Christmas.

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