Catholic Register Staff

Catholic Register Staff

The Catholic Register’s writers have mixed records for stories demonstrating true love for the Catholic Church. So, I approached with trepidation the recent cover story about Catholic school boards debating flying Pride flags.

Cardinal Michael Czerny offers a mediation on the “Madonna della Stradda.”

Pope Francis’ message for the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation

A little known but essential skill of editorial writing is dexterity in climbing down off a high horse with egg all over the editorialist’s face.

A letter from Toronto Archbishop Francis Leo posted on the archdiocesan web site earlier this month.

Catholics have a moral obligation to get involved in the democratic process, Alberta’s bishops said in a May 16 pastoral letter.

Effective balance

Ontario’s effective referral policy that Quinton Amundson refers to in “Euthanasia document authors’ biases questioned” was upheld by the Court of Appeal because it was found to serve the important social and public benefit of ensuring equitable access to health care. 

Here at The Catholic Register, we make it a key part of our journalistic mission to find and communicate beauty even in a fallen world, which is why at the joyous Christian seasons of Christmas and Easter we save some of our pages for art created by elementary school students as part of our twice-yearly drawing contest.

On a 25-degree blue sky May day in Ottawa, Canada’s national pro-life movement made clear it has no intention of calling “may day” in the battle against abortion and Medical Aid in Dying.

Nicole Scheild is executvie director of Canadian Physicians for Life. This is taken from an eblast she sent to supporters earlier this year.