In an alternative life, Cardinal Thomas Collins might never have been a bishop, an archbishop or a cardinal. He might very happily have remained a professor of New Testament with an intense interest in the Apocalypse of John. He would have dedicated himself to the formation of the next generation of priests at St. Peter’s Seminary in London, Ont., and happily translated the wisdom he encountered in academic study into homilies that resonate with the worries and hopes of ordinary Christians.

It’s funny how 200 years can sneak up on you, but the Basilian Fathers plan to celebrate their bicentennial quietly, modestly, prayerfully, humbly.

This entire year turned on three unexpected words — “ground-penetrating radar.”

A Christmas tree adorned with scarves, gloves, toques and jackets instead of the classic bells, ornaments and ribbons is captivating plenty of eyes at the entrance of Toronto’s Loretto College School.   

Christmas is a time to celebrate for Fr. Herman Falke each year, but that celebration will be special as he marks the release of his latest book.

VATICAN CITY -- Adam Piekarski, a homeless man from Lódz, Poland, never imagined that the sketches he would draw in his free time while waiting for the public showers near Bernini’s Colonnade would lead to the opportunity of a lifetime.

A message from the CCCB President on Christmas and New Year’s Day

The Knights of Columbus are offering for free its latest film that takes a deep look into the life of Jesus’ foster father as a model of character and virtue for this generation.

Stay-at-home mom Jessica Fraga is using her love of crafting again this year to raise funds for abused women.

Not every young woman hears that blessed is the fruit of her womb. More than a few young women are left isolated, afraid, overwhelmed from the moment they know they’re pregnant.