{mosimage}Editor's note: Canada's Catholic bishops have waded into the national debate over global warming. On March 7, the social affairs commission of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops released its new statement called Our Relationship with the Environment: The Need for Conversion. In this document, the bishops insist that Christians must lead a global effort to curb mass consumption and our governments must develop concrete plans to reduce pollution.

For the complete text of the statement can be downloaded in pdf format here. For our own report on the issue, read below.


Dufferin-Peel adds disclaimer to Golden Compass


{mosimage}MISSISSAUGA, Ont. - Where Halton opted for a ban, the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board has decided to go with a note.

Monasticism still thrives after 1,700 years


Over 1,500 years ago, a young man named Benedict (480-547) abandoned his life of wealth and privilege in a morally decaying Rome and went in search of the kind of pious existence exemplified in the Gospels. For years he took refuge in a cave, living a life of discipline, prayer and contemplation. In time, Benedict, who would later be canonized, established a community of monks based on a set of rules of conduct that focused on devotion to God. What would be known as The Rule of St. Benedict became the foundation for monasticism and monastery life within the Catholic Church and played a crucial role in the expansion of Christianity throughout Europe.

Search still on for St. Mike's president


{mosimage}TORONTO - University of St. Michael’s College president Richard Alway is moving along, but his replacement at the head of English Canada’s biggest Catholic college isn’t quite settled.

Movement to make Mary co-redemptrix


{mosimage}Christians have debated Mary almost as long as they have been devoted to Mary. A renewed effort to persuade Pope Benedict XVI to declare a fifth Marian dogma may be setting the stage for a renewed tussle over Our Lady.

From a fragile to a durable peace


{mosimage}Editor’s note: The following is an excerpt from the article, “A Peace to Keep in Afghanistan,” by Ernie Regehr, a senior policy advisor for Project Ploughshares, an ecumenical advocacy group for peace and disarmament. It is a response to the Manley Report on the future of Canada’s military involvement in Afghanistan. The entire article can be found on the organization’s web site, www.ploughshares.ca.

The final report of the Independent Panel on Canada’s Future Role in Afghanistan (Manley Panel, 2008) reinforced a prominent misperception in the current debate over the role of Canadian forces in Afghanistan, namely that “there is not yet a peace to keep in Afghanistan.” In large areas of the country, essentially the northern half, there is indeed a peace to keep. To be sure, it is a fragile peace, but if it is not protected, built upon and genuinely nurtured it will yet be lost.

New school named after Jean Vanier


{mosimage}RICHMOND HILL, Ont. - The York Catholic District School Board. has named a new school in Richmond Hill after internationally renowned Canadian Jean Vanier.

Ethical diamonds are this girl's best friend


{mosimage}TORONTO - When Michael Schmidt and Vanessa Nicholas got engaged they decided they wanted to symbolize their commitment ethically — with a socially and ecologically just ring.

Toronto Catholic education's history chronicled


{mosimage}TORONTO - If Catholics thought the debate over publicly funded religious education in Ontario’s last provincial election campaign was bruising, they should have a little history lesson. They would find that today’s battles are sedate compared to those of the 19th century.

TST adds London, Ontario affiliate


{mosimage}TORONTO - The Toronto School of Theology has extended its reach down to London, Ont., by adding the Anglican Huron College of the University of Western Ontario as an affiliate.

Teachers back at bargaining table


{mosimage}TORONTO - How much your kid’s teacher makes and whether or not home room will be held on a picket line is likely to be determined at provincial framework discussions being held now as an overture to teacher-school board collective bargaining later this year.