Seeking spiritual directionTORONTO - The art of decision-making often leads students to a crossroad, not knowing which way to turn. What university do I attend? What do I want to be? What is my vocation?

The time to disarm is now


Douglas RocheEditor’s note: The following address was presented by retired Canadian senator Douglas Roche, a noted author and veteran advocate for nuclear disarmament from Edmonton. It was given at the Lauriston Jesuit Centre for Social Justice in Edinburgh on Oct. 3. Roche, whose most recent book is The Human Right to Peace (Novalis, 2003), was also welcomed at the Scottish Parliament along with Scottish Cardinal Keith O’Brien and other church leaders and members of Parliament. The visit was facilitated by Pax Christi.

A time traveller from the Cold War would find it astonishing that nuclear weapons are still very much part of the global landscape. The opportunity that arose at the end of the Cold War in 1989 to get rid of nuclear weapons was squandered. Today, there are still 27,000 nuclear weapons held by eight states which together comprise almost half of humanity.

How the New Testament was created


 Catholics the world over are familiar with the New Testament, that portion of the Bible that speaks of a new covenant with God as represented through the life and death of Jesus. But the selection and acceptance of the writings that make up the New Testament formed a complex and highly controversial process that was still being debated within the church 400 years after the birth of Christ.

Bible no source of scientific knowledge

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Intelligent Design reduces and belittles God’s power and might, according to the director of the Vatican Observatory.

Science is and should be seen as “completely neutral" on the issue of the theistic or atheistic implications of scientific results, said Fr. George V. Coyne, S.J., director of the Vatican Observatory, while noting that “science and religion are totally separate pursuits."

Courts, 'pro-death' lobby thwarted care for Terry Schiavo

{mosimage}HAMILTON, Ont. - Bobby Schindler, brother to Terri Schiavo, said his family had no idea how powerful and aggressive the pro-euthanasia movement is in the United States until they were faced with its full force in the legal battle over his sister's life.

"The underlying issue is money," the 41-year-old Schindler told The Catholic Register April 21 at the annual conference of Ontario Alliance for Life.

Why are questions feared?

I was very concerned to read Dorothy Cummings’ critique on Heather Eaton’s book, Introducing Ecofeminist Theologies, published in your Dec. 11 issue. Not only did Cummings gravely err in her assessment of this important book about ecofeminism but she disparages a fine writer and a crucial new focus in theology.

A truly dignified way to die

When Marlene West faced her family to tell them about her plans regarding her death she got a surprise — tears and grasping for words that just wouldn’t come.

Climate change a good place to show preferential option for the poor

A team of health and climate scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the World Health Organization has recently compiled compelling data that confirms countries in Africa and coastal countries along the Pacific and Indian Ocean are the most vulnerable to the lethal effects of global climate change.

Turning our water into chemical soup

Where do all the pharmaceutical drugs, cosmetics and toiletry chemicals go after we've ingested them, fed them to our livestock or rinsed them off our bodies?

EU euthanasia report flawed

TORONTO - All the favourite arguments for euthanasia are on display in the latest attempt in Europe to jettison bans on allowing doctors to legally put someone to death, says one of North America's top bioethicists. And they can all be countered by solid reasoning.

Bioethics centre lends voice against Bill C-407

The Canadian Catholic Bioethics Centre (CCBI) has added its voice to the growing chorus of those opposed to federal Bill C-407, which would make euthanasia and doctor-assisted suicide legal in Canada.