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EDMONTON -- A new Nativity scene at Edmonton City Hall has taken the centuries-old Christmas tradition into the realm of computer-generated virtual reality.

When The Catholic Register launched its annual children’s Christmas contest in 2011 there was some concern about receiving enough entries to make it a real competition. Nine contests and thousands of entries later, it’s obvious those worries were unfounded.

It’s amazing how far a small, one-off special creche exhibit has come over the past two decades at St. James Cathedral in downtown Toronto.

A vicious circle of disasters and unresolved injustices are feeding one another and starving the citizens of Haiti. But the crisis is widely unknown.

Victoria Filibus and her nine children have suffered the terrorism of Boko Haram and seen their lives upended as displaced persons living in a camp.

As the calendar flips to December and we enter the Advent season, thoughts naturally turn to Christmas.

Christmas dreams come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them go from pianissimo to fortissimo and hit every note from bass to soprano.

If good things come to those who wait, we’re in trouble. In the age of smart phones, Netflix, instant noodles and instant gratification, who waits? 

Catholics are great story tellers. We love to tell and hear stories that help us understand the world and our faith. 

There’s a simple reason that life-long Saskatchewan Roughriders’ fan Fr. John Weckend won’t equate sport with religion.