The celebration of Easter is the time when we as Christians renew our baptismal promises. It is through the life-giving death and resurrection of Jesus Christ that we are united with Him. Easter takes us beyond the Cross of sorrow and disappointment to the joy and hope that comes from knowing the Risen Lord. This experience of Christ transformed the disciples.

New Catholics share journey to the Church


This Easter, about 500 men, women and children in the Archdiocese of Vancouver joined or entered into full Communion with the Catholic Church. Catechumens — individuals who are not yet baptized — receive the Church’s sacraments of initiation: baptism, confirmation and First Communion. Candidates who are already baptized will be received into full communion, receiving the Sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist. 

Cross crafting open eyes to Christ’s sacrifice


Students at a Catholic school in Brooklin, Ont., have deepened their understanding of Holy Week through the process of crafting their own personal Crosses. 

Parish’s passion comes to play


In 2023, a company of cast and crew produced the musical passion play The Power of the Cross they hoped would uplift and unify the congregation of St. Padre Pio Parish in Kleinberg, Ont., following the long years of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It proved a smashing success, as nearly 700 people attended the evening showing on Palm Sunday, and more than $30,000 was raised for the church. 

Christ’s Passion through the eyes of a child


St. Ignatius Parish prepared its youth for Easter in what is becoming an annual tradition at the Winnipeg parish.

On Good Friday, St. Ignatius was hosting its second Children’s Way of the Cross — an event run by and for kids. It’s an interactive and family-oriented experience that engages kids in the traditional observance of the Stations of the Cross. 

Adoration focuses on God’s call to serve


Classrooms, offices and chapels across the Calgary Catholic School District (CCSD) are animated by the power of prayer this Lenten season.

Catholic social teaching shows the Way


Catholic social teaching has driven the Diocese of Saskatoon’s annual Good Friday outdoor Way of the Cross tradition since it was established 24 years ago.

Easter chant gives Filipinos fulfillment


For Filipino Catholic Mission of Montreal (FCMM) parishioner Noemi ‘Mimi’ Tuvida, the recitation of Pasyon Mahal is both a welcome beginning to Holy Week and an opportunity to participate in a uniquely Filipino devotion.

Students bring Easter message to younger peers


Twelfth graders at Father Henry Carr Catholic Secondary School inspired younger students at the Toronto school to prepare their hearts and minds for celebrating Easter.

A Holy Week excellent adventure


Tracey Jemmeson, the first-year principal of Thomas D’Arcy McGee Catholic Elementary School in Ottawa, heard positive advance buzz about Annunciation of the Lord Parish’s Holy Week Adventure from her colleagues and fellow congregants.

Dance packs powerful Easter message


Students at Toronto’s Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts are expressing their Catholic faith through dance this Easter season. 

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