TORONTO - Since Bradley Jacobson started flying a Boeing 737 more than a decade ago, he spends about 75 per cent of the Christmas season away from his family in Alberta.

Christmas Street Patrol transmits joy, one smile at a time


TORONTO - This Christmas, many homeless won’t be visiting their families.

The house of many crèches


WAINWRIGHT, ALTA. - While some people have an exercise or a theatre room in their homes, Linda Miller has a special room in her Wainwright home dedicated to her vast and growing collection of crèches.

Giving a gift with meaning


With Christmas around the corner, hasty shopping decisions can lead to purchasing presents void of meaning. If you still have loved ones to buy for, consider these five socially responsible places to buy Christmas gifts that will make a difference.

Fr. Ace’s crèche collection carries on family tradition


KLEINBURG, ONT. - Fr. Gregory Ace has crèches from more countries than he doesn’t. His collection of 1,300 (or so) Nativity scenes includes examples from 120 countries. He’s got about 80 more to go.

Passing on the gift of warmth


TORONTO - This winter, more than 2,700 Ontario kids in need will have a new coat to shelter them from the biting cold of winter thanks to the Knights of Columbus.

Living Nativity shows season’s true meaning


TORONTO - When students act out the Nativity scene they develop an everlasting visual connection to the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of Christ, Barbara De Silva believes.

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