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The special pullout section on ShareLife was published in the March 13, 2016 issue.

A genuine smile makes a big difference when one walks into a store. At St. Jude’s Academy of the Arts, you might even be welcomed with a hug from one of the special needs clients helping at the gift shop that day.

Where kids get to be kids


Summer camp is often considered a childhood rite of passage, but for many families the outdoor experience is unaffordable. Camp Ozanam for boys and Marygrove Camp for girls helps fill this void.

Vita Centre grows with its clients


As Vita Centre celebrates its 25 years of service in Peel Region, its staff and volunteers can look back and see how they have grown along with their clients.

Sowing the seeds of action


In reaching out to Catholic schools and students, ShareLife’s aim goes far beyond raising money.

ShareLife's faces and partner agencies


Read the stories of the people helped by ShareLife donors.

Archbishop Philip Pocock was a trailblazer


There’s no doubt that Archbishop Philip Pocock’s stand against Planned Parenthood was a defining moment in his episcopal career.

A noble experiment that changed lives


It wasn’t anger. It wasn’t fear. It was truth that made Archbishop Philip Pocock stand up and say no.

The morning of March 20, 1976 Toronto discovered the Catholic Church wasn’t buying the city’s new notion of progress.