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With all 10 provinces and three territories newly signed on to the federal system of early learning and child care, there have been a spate of better-late-than-never articles about how this program won’t work as advertised. In short, parents aren’t going to get the deal they were promised.

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OTTAWA - The federal government’s much-hyped national daycare plan will cost up to four times the price tag the Liberals promised in its recent budget, according to the religious think tank Cardus.

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OTTAWA – Federal and provincial governments should support parental choice in child care and back multiple types of care options instead of solely promoting universal publicly funded day care, says a new report from Cardus Family.

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A genuine smile makes a big difference when one walks into a store. At St. Jude’s Academy of the Arts, you might even be welcomed with a hug from one of the special needs clients helping at the gift shop that day.

Good news for parents with young children in Ontario — the Ministry of Education plans to spend $120 million to increase day care spaces in the province.

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