The following is Jessica Nguyen’s winning essay for the 2017 Friars’ Student Writing Awards contest:

This year marks the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, a reminder of yet another huge division in Christianity. 

VATICAN CITY - Pope Francis stressed the importance of children having heterosexual parents June 14, just a day after Rome’s gay pride march demonstrated the changing attitudes about same-sex couples outside the Vatican walls.

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ROME - Pride, greed and selfishness are destroying the planet just as they destroy human lives, said Cardinal Peter Turkson.

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VATICAN CITY - Opening a two-week Synod of Bishops on the family, Pope Francis warned participants against the temptations of hypocrisy, pride and greed, urging them instead to serve the church with "freedom, creativity and hard work."

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TORONTO - Some Ontario Catholic teachers who think the World Pride Parade is no place for their union to have representation have expressed their thoughts but feel their voice has gone unheard. 

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A Waterloo Catholic school trustee believes Catholic teachers marching in the 2014 World Pride Parade with the support of their union sends a confusing message to students. 

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TORONTO - At least 1,000 Ontarians are calling on the province's Catholic school trustees to demand the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association abandon its decision to have representation at the World Pride Parade.  

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