Catholic Register Staff

Catholic Register Staff

The death of a retired Quebec Superior Judge will postpone the audit of allegations of sexual abuse against minors in the Montreal archdiocese and several other Quebec dioceses.

To those ministering to migrant workers in the Diocese of Hamilton in Ontario, the efforts are a two-way street.

Curious achievement

Re: PM defends religious freedom (July 14-21):

This is a curious achievement for a prime minister who reduced the status of the Office of Religious Freedom from an ambassadorship with a significant budget to a bureau within the Global Affairs Department.  

July 31, 2019

Week of Aug 2, 2019

A Jesuit figure that stood beside a statue commemorating Samuel de Champlain will not be returning when the City of Orillia reinstalls the monument commemorating the famed French explorer. 

Fr. M. Owen Lee, a Basilian educator with a passion for opera that led to 23 years as a knowledgeable commentator on Saturday afternoon radio broadcasts of the Metropolitan Opera in New York, died July 25 at Presentation Manor in Toronto. He was 89.

Un-Canadian uniform

In May our Knights of Columbus assembly held its last meeting of the 2018-19 Columbian year. Among the discussions, the most important one concerned the new Fourth Degree regalia.

Uniformly upset

I am the wife and daughter of proud members of the Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus. It has been announced that the uniform is to change. The new uniform consists of pants, jacket and a beret. 

Conscience rights

A recent column by Charles Lewis highlighted the desire for legislative protection for health care workers in the area of conscience rights in our province. It is an important issue that deserves our attention and that of our provincial legislators. However, I believe that the column unfairly targeted then provincial Minister of Transportation Jeff Yurek (currently Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks).

ST. PETERSBURG,  Fla. -- Nobody in the Catholic press does it better than Michael Swan.