Quinton Amundson, The Catholic Register

Quinton Amundson, The Catholic Register

The annual Catholic Missions In Canada Tastes of Heaven Gala scheduled for April 28 is back in a virtual format for the second straight year.

Barring a sudden, misfortunate shift in the COVID-19 pandemic trajectory, the Archdiocese of Toronto’s Office of Catholic Youth (OCY) is poised to resuscitate Steubenville Toronto, Canada’s largest conference for Catholic teens, this summer.

Fundraising to secure aid for Ukraine has been an ongoing passion and mission for Bilyana Coburn of Grande Prairie, Alta., for more than six years now. Most of the monetary contributions made by this Grade 5 teacher from St. Catherine Catholic School has gone to orphanages. 

A key focus for the Conservative Party moving forward will be advocating for crisis pregnancy centres, say MPs who expect the Liberal government to revoke the charitable status from these centres. 

There is a pivotal scene in the middle of the new biographical drama Fr. Stu where the eventual boxer-turned-priest, portrayed by Mark Wahlberg, tries to convince the rector of Mount Angel Seminary he is worthy of admittance.

The Government of Alberta is upping its efforts to combat human trafficking and support survivors by adopting 18 of the 19 calls to action outlined in a final report from the Alberta Human Trafficking Task Force.

Jacob Colatosti, a Grade 12 student at Bishop Ryan Catholic Secondary School in Hannon, Ont., is one of 13 young Canadians who filed a court challenge in December to overturn Canada’s minimum voting change law.

A three-retreat series debuting on the Earth Day weekend will invite attendees to enter a more spiritual and mindful relationship with the nature God created. 

Barring a dramatic reversal in pandemic fortune, the vast majority of Canadian Catholics will celebrate Holy Week as they did before COVID-19 infected society two years ago.

For the third straight year, the annual Good Friday procession through the streets of Toronto’s Little Italy neighbourhood is cancelled.