Mickey Conlon, The Catholic Register

Mickey Conlon, The Catholic Register

The needs of the thousands of people served by ShareLife agencies don’t go away in a time of crisis.

When Fr. Rico Passero celebrates Mass in these days of crisis, he does so with a full congregation joining him.

In a unanimous decision, the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal has upheld the right of separate schools in the province to receive government funding for the education of non-Catholic students.

Catholic dioceses around the world are preparing for a  Holy Week of empty churches and virtual liturgies — and Easter Masses with empty pews — amid widespread global shutdowns to curb the spread of COVID-19.

The annual Good Friday procession through downtown Toronto streets is another victim of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Society’s most vulnerable are often lost in the shuffle at the best of times, but with the world being blindsided by COVID-19 those operating programs for the homeless and marginalized are working to ensure these people are not forgotten.

The Rosary Apostolate that shares the mysteries reflected upon in the rosary with students may be Sr. Marilina Cinelli’s baby since its origins in 1997, but she takes no credit for all the good it has done for nearly a quarter century.

There’s a long-held perception that the voice of women in the Church is one that is seldom heard. It’s why Colleen Carroll Campbell sees the importance of galvanizing that voice so that it doesn’t get drowned out.

Church doors may be closed and the opportunity for a communal celebration of the Eucharist have ceased for the time being, but the Mass will go on, said Cardinal Thomas Collins.

A health crisis is not how Deacon Mike Walsh envisioned attracting more eyeballs to the Daily TV Mass, but that’s what is happening to a ministry that serves people who are unable to attend Mass at a church.