Pope Benedict XVI once said the network of pilgrims’ ways known as the Camino de Santiago is “a way sown with so many demonstrations of fervour, repentance, hospitality, art and culture which speak to us eloquently of the spiritual roots of the Old Continent.”

Canada’s food security affects Jamaica


There is no enigmatic reason why Dr. Kristin Lozanski has been highly successful in researching the experiences of Jamaicans participating in Canada’s Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP) in Ontario’s Niagara region over the past decade.

The method to her fruitful results? Showing up.

Ana Rivera drives Hamilton’s 40 Days for Life


40 Days for Life in Hamilton, Ont., is completing its fifth campaign under the leadership of Ana Rivera. It’s a continuation of the pro-life sensibilities Rivera has been developing since her earliest years. In an interview with The Catholic Register, she traced her vocation to defend the unborn back to hearing the testimonies of pro-life workers on a Catholic radio station, Radio Maria Colombia. 

Niagara leaders impacted thousands


For the first time in five years, the Niagara Catholic District School Board is honouring education leaders with its Award of Distinction.

Three people were endorsed by the board at its Feb. 13 special board meeting — John Belcastro, Sr. Mary Kay Camp and Angelo Di Ianni. The trio will be presented their awards at the Niagara Foundation for Catholic Education Annual Benefit Gala March 21.

Foundation shares ‘universal spirit of caring’


Fr. Sajo Jacob of St. Pius X Parish in Calgary said the Relighting Lives Foundation he supports is passionate about “empowering youth and outreach to the poorest of the poor.”

Contributions to the non-profit organization, formerly the Path to Peace Foundation, support families struggling to address their basic needs, equipping families to become self-sufficient “through education and proper training by NGOs,” according to its website. 

Cash no longer king


As we move toward a cashless society, how will Canadians respond to a digital dollar?

Breaking silence on human trafficking


Sofia Ranke knows she “can’t change the world” and singlehandedly eradicate the evil scourge of human trafficking. Nevertheless, she is determined to fight for victimized girls, women, boys and men by using the power of her voice. 

Corporate life proved to be a wrong turn


After finally landing an all-important corporate gig that allowed him to overlook the CN Tower from his desk in downtown Toronto, Szymon Sorbian expected to feel a sense of true accomplishment. However, despite finding himself well-positioned in the rat race he had worked so hard for, he felt anything but. 

Fr. Ramsperger soared high in priesthood, not air force


Fr. Leo Ramsperger has been celebrating Mass as a priest since the mid-1950s, and despite retiring from formal service back in 1997, he remains deeply rooted in his faith and continues to celebrate life at every opportunity. 

Two years and counting for those who fled war


Two years ago, Iryna Chaikovska, her husband and three children moved out of their apartment into a house near Bucha and Irpin in the Kyiv Oblast of northern Ukraine.

Good and bad: alive, yes, but toll is great


‘Purgatory’ for Ukraine as it battles through a decade of Russian onslaught