At 93 Sr. Norah Burns struggles to understand the lives of people who haven’t lived the last 75 years under the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. In her life the vows have been “Everything, really.”

With a year of COVID there will be plenty of reasons to seek healing in liturgy


A year into COVID and Martyrs’ Shrine director Fr. Michael Knox is looking ahead, imagining how we might pray after the pandemic comes to an end.

A year of COVID — a time of learning and caring


Fr. Wilson Andrade’s smile is as broad, his laugh as ready and his intense interest in people as alive as it ever was. But he confesses that a year of lockdowns, online Masses and separation from his St. Ann’s parishioners in Toronto’s East Chinatown neighbourhood hasn’t been easy.

‘Coach K’ puts faith to work on court for St. Francis Xavier University


It has not been the final season long time St. Francis Xavier University head basketball coach Steve Konchalski imagined.

Social justice is investing’s future at Kings College

By Wendy-Ann Clarke, The Catholic Register

With Gen-Zs touted as a morally conscious generation bent on addressing the many ills in today’s society, King’s University College Capital Management Club fund manager Serge Muhirwa sees social justice defining the future of investment.

Dissertation will explore Christianity and Holocaust

By Michael Swan, The Catholic Register

A couple years ago, Prof. Robert Ventresca at King’s University College in London, Ont., was marking papers submitted to him by a precocious, intense, serious and curious undergraduate enrolled in his seminar on the role of religion in the Holocaust.

St. Mary’s grad earns Indigenous award

By Quinton Amundson, The Catholic Register

Mere months removed her June 2020 convocation at Calgary’s St. Mary’s University, Kate Gillis’ days are full of Zoom call collaboration and deep-dive independent research.

New faith centre at St. Thomas More College just right for its time


Roughly a decade in development, the new Centre for Faith, Reason, Peace and Justice at St. Thomas More College couldn’t be more timely.

St. Michael's College works to move investments to sustainable options

By Michael Swan, The Catholic Register

$178 million might be a lot of money or it might not be anywhere near enough. It all depends what you want to do with it.

The higher calling of Catholic Education

By Gerry Turcotte

In The Idea of a University, John Henry Newman (now Saint) outlined his vision of a liberal education that spoke of the virtues and purpose of a university. Originally an Oxford man, his famed conflict at Oriel College — where he argued with the Provost that a tutor needed more engagement with undergraduates — resulted in Newman being cast out of his beloved institution and turning instead to a life of research.

Animal welfare and the Church


Since watching a Netflix documentary on veganism five years ago, Fr. Donatello Iocco has never been the same.