Ruane Remy, The Catholic Register

Ruane Remy, The Catholic Register

Ruane is a former Youth Editor at The Catholic Register. She attended Ryerson University's Master of Journalism program and studied Professional Writing with a Biology minor at York University. Follow her on Twitter @RuaneRemy.

TORONTO - Imagine at age 16, after years of living without family and in the care of an organization, you’re free to be on your own — except you have never learned the life skills to gain employment, obtain safe and secure housing or stay in school.

TORONTO - With World Youth Day just over two months away, pilgrims are scrambling to fundraise their way to Rio, Brazil, in July.

The Catholic Youth Organization of Hamilton is hoping to get people shopping so that it can take part in its own shopping spree.

Canadian Senator Roméo Dallaire asks Anzoyo Tsukia, “Is Joseph Kony the devil incarnate?” A rosary hanging from her neck, she replies that Kony looks normal but everything he does is diabolical.

TORONTO - Canadian Jesuits International (CJI) is bringing social justice teachings to high school students as part of its new Youth for Others program.

MISSISSAUGA, ONT. Singing is faith in action, says Nancy Bodsworth, writer and performer of “Together in Faith,” the theme song for Catholic Education Week 2013.  

After more than six decades of marriage, love looks like Craig Morrison caring for his ailing wife Irene in Michael McGowan’s Still Mine. But this isn’t your typical sob story about aging.

TORONTO - Roy Tugbang, a classically trained singer and Grade 12 student at the Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts, is fundraising his way to the World Championships of Performing Arts.

TORONTO - Former Ryerson University head volleyball coach Dion Rugosi is inviting young adults to combine sport and spirituality.

TORONTO - When the Oblates in 1857 found an Innu community in the isolated interior of Labrador, they were shocked to hear the rosary being recited, said Sr. Sheila Fortune, a Sister of St. Joseph.