Ruane Remy, The Catholic Register

Ruane Remy, The Catholic Register

Ruane is a former Youth Editor at The Catholic Register. She attended Ryerson University's Master of Journalism program and studied Professional Writing with a Biology minor at York University. Follow her on Twitter @RuaneRemy.

Ozanam fund hoping that school will help raise people out of poverty

TORONTO - High school students are receiving a reality check on the dangers of drinking and drug abuse.

AJAX, ONT. - Promoting student diversity is a priority for Archbishop Denis O’Connor Catholic High School.

MISSISSAUGA, ONT.  - St. Marcellinus Secondary School in Mississauga is planning to build what may be the biggest stained glass window of the resurrected Christ in Canada.

Just like traditions of putting up the tree and hanging lights, there are Christmas movies we will watch year after year, almost without fail. They evoke feelings of nostalgia and bring back childhood memories.

Toronto - Madhuri Ramadeen credits a Christmas play from her childhood for bringing her to Christ.

In Keening for the Dawn: Christmastide, Steve Bell combines the Christmas theme with his folksy sound and a soft country touch.

TORONTO - When attempting to solve social problems like homelessness, students need to be prepared

Toronto - A 53-year-old man faces attempted arson and attempted murder charges

The Holy See has approved a new deanery in Canada that will minister to Anglican Use Catholics and their clergy.