Wendy-Ann Clarke, The Catholic Register

Wendy-Ann Clarke, The Catholic Register

Kids need to be equipped with truth of its sacredness through Catholic lens

As the legend goes, Haitian-Canadian Dr. Saint-Firmin Monestime was persuaded to join the team at Mattawa Hospital after an impromptu stop for lunch on his way to Timmins in the summer of 1951. The northern Ontario town’s previous doctor had passed away earlier that year and the community successfully convinced Monestime to remain and take his place.

From the cover art through the 175 pages that follow, Fr. Harrison Ayre’s new book is a contemplative experience.

After enduring the pain of losing a child to cancer, Joe Marchand was honoured to give the gift of life to another family.

Rudy Sylvan knows first-hand what it feels like to compete on the international stage.

Canada’s opioid death toll has escalated to unprecedented levels during the COVID-19 pandemic, and those most critically affected seem to be defying conventional beliefs about addiction.

After a rollercoaster two years marked by online learning and social upheaval forcing the re-examination of how best to meet the needs of students, it’s clear the COVID-19 pandemic has changed education in Canada forever.

Edmonton musician Chaka Zinyemba still remembers the moment his quest began to become a vessel for unity and reconciliation through Black African music.

Pope Francis’ goal of a more synodal Church, hearing the voices of all the faithful, may be a sign of both progress and the lack thereof when it comes to the role and representation of women.

Quite simply, pandemic restrictions or not, St. Peter’s Church in Nanaimo, B.C., will not shirk its duty to look out for the needy in society.