Mickey Conlon, The Catholic Register

Mickey Conlon, The Catholic Register

Whoever wins the Oct. 21 federal election will be focused on families and helping them get ahead — or so it would seem with the early slate of promises pouring out from the platforms of the ruling Liberals, the Conservatives and the NDP.

When Fr. Maurice Restivo looked out upon a packed congregation — about double Our Lady of Assumption Church’s capacity — he knew the historic parish was back.

For almost three centuries Catholics in Prince Edward Island have been able to call St. Dunstan’s their home, the last 100 years in the current cathedral basilica situated prominently on historic Great George Street in the heart of Charlottetown.

The leaders of Canada’s major political parties may have closed the door on the abortion debate, but pro-lifers across the country say it’s the people in the back benches of Parliament who will ultimately have the final say.

As Carlos Nunes and his team uncover the visual glories that have been plastered, painted and papered over in historic churches, he can’t help but joke about what that work has meant to him and the livelihood of other fine art restorers.

ShareLife’s 2019 campaign may not have reached its goal, nor matched last year’s standard, but Arthur Peters is still viewing the campaign through a positive lens.

The 1,000-plus tickets made available to Toronto’s Catholic community for an archdiocesan-sponsored federal election debate were gobbled up within three days.

Thirty-five years ago this month, Pope John Paul II became the first pontiff to visit Canada. The impact of those 12 days in September hasn’t been forgotten.

Native studies have come a long way in the last two decades and there are no signs that the pace of change in the program is going to slow down.

Security has become such an inflammatory issue on both a political and social level that reasoned debate around the topic seems almost impossible.