Mickey Conlon, The Catholic Register

Mickey Conlon, The Catholic Register

REGINA – Saskatchewan pro-life advocates were challenged to be the difference in bringing an end to abortion at the annual March for Life held in the provincial capital May 8.

Catholics on the Canadian Prairies have just lost an important voice. 

Tragedy strikes. It’s inevitable and, unfortunately, constant.

If there’s one thing Deacon Peter Doyle always loved to do, it was put a smile on your face. And the earlier in the day the better.

More and more, people question the role that prayer can bring in the face of tragedy. We hear it after every massacre in the United States and elsewhere in the world when people say we don’t want prayer, we want action on whatever was the source of the tragedy.

REGINA – Archbishop Donald Bolen can tell you why we can’t just get over it and move on when it comes to our relationship with Canada’s Indigenous people.

Hospital chaplains are accustomed to seeing death and terrible illnes. It’s just a byproduct of the job. But there is only so much they can be prepared for.

Prince Albert Bishop Albert Thevenot will host a prayer vigil in his diocese April 17 to remember the Indigenous people who have gone missing and their families who have been left behind.

Once a missionary, always a missionary. It didn’t matter whether bedridden with illness or looking off into retirement, Msgr. Philip J. Kennedy kept Canada’s mission territories close to his heart.

There’s no doubt that Fr. Harrison Ayre believes in the beauty of priestly celibacy.