In its Elections 2008 feature, the Christian, non-profit group Citizens for Public Justice is advocating a review of key election issues from a public justice lens. "A public justice lens challenges us to express love for our neighbour and seek the common good. It puts the values of justice, compassion and care for creation at the centre of political debates," according to its web site.

Catholic family advocate highlights 'theology of the body'


{mosimage}TORONTO - The Catholic  Organization For Life and Family wants families to discover the sexual liberation buried in long-neglected Catholic teaching.

In its annual message to families, COLF uses the "theology of the body" as a way of talking about sexuality. COLF's goal is to disentangle thinking about sex from  sexual politics, commercialization, media images and pornography.

Churches have lots of advice for voters


Catholics aren't the only Christians interested in politics. At the ecumenical movement in Canada is highlighting all the election guides and kits put out by various churches.

Turcotte brings abortion to forefront of campaign


{mosimage}TORONTO - By giving back his Order of Canada, Montreal Archbishop Jean-Claude Turcotte is joining a group of more than 100 MPs whose opposition to Dr. Henry Morgentaler's nomination has shone the election spotlight on the abortion debate in Canada, says a leading pro-life group.

Campaign Life Coalition national organizer Mary Ellen Douglas said Turcotte's Sept. 11 annoucement comes just three days after a Campaign Life ad, which appeared in the Sept. 8 edition of The Hill Times, a political newspaper in Ottawa, where the names of 106 Conservative and Liberal politicians opposing pro-abortion doctor Morgentaler's nomination were published.

Canadian bishops offer voting advice to Catholics


Canada's Catholic bishops have released a four-page Federal Election 2008 Guide on their web site. The bishops take on complacency and apathy. "Catholics have an obligation to be interested in politics," they write in the introduction.

Putting the focus on two-tier medicine


Two-tier medicine that puts the rich at the head of the line for everything from cancer therapy to hip replacements and legislation that would make cheap and easy euthanasia more readily available than quality palliative care are issues the Catholic Health Association hopes voters will question before they cast their ballots Oct. 14.

Viewing the election through ecological eyes


Jesuit Father Jim Profit is hopeful that political debate in Canada has begun to take notice of the state of the ecology. "Ultimately if the Earth doesn't survive the rest of us won't survive either. It's a key issue," said the director of the Jesuit Collaborative for Ecology, Forestry and Agriculture in Guelph.

Opus Dei welcomes left-wingers, too


It probably comes as no surprise to many Catholics that Nicole Charbonneau Barron, is running in the Montreal riding of St. Bruno-St. Hubert for the Conservatives. Charbonneau Barron is a member of Opus Dei, and the personnel prelature to the pope is generally associated with conservative, right wing politics.

Catholic parishes face limits on political action


Enquiring minds want to know what Catholic parishes can and cannot do in this federal election. Fortunately, before every election most bishops across Canada send detailed instructions to their pastors on this subject.

New liturgy almost ready


{mosimage}OTTAWA - Canada’s bishops plan to use the introduction of the new liturgy as a teaching opportunity to renew appreciation of the Eucharist.

“There is always an opportunity for catechesis to build on the Eucharistic Congress and the Synod of the Eucharist when we implement the missal,” said Toronto Archbishop Thomas Collins.

Canada's bishops commit to better relations with Muslims


{mosimage}TORONTO - When Christians in Toronto sit down at sunset to break the fast of Ramadan with their Muslim neighbours they have the backing of Canada’s Catholic bishops. The bishops have written to Canada’s Muslim community seeking “new stepping stones” of dialogue.

The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops’ episcopal commission for interfaith dialogue released its response to “A Common Word Between Us” on the first day of Ramadan, Sept. 1. “A Common Word Between Us” was a 2007 open letter from 138 Muslim scholars and leaders which called for a renewed relationship between the world’s two largest religious communities.