Archbishop Thomas Collins ordained five new priestTORONTO - Upon the reading of their names, with one small step forward symbolizing years of training and discernment, each of the five men ordained to the priesthood for the archdiocese of Toronto vowed their commitment to the priesthood.

“It's a glorious ceremony, but it all comes down to the giving of self,” Archbishop Thomas Collins, who welcomed the men into the priesthood on May 15  at the ordination ceremony at St. Michael's Cathedral.

Pro-life momentum on upswing as March for Life draws 12,500


2010 March for Life

OTTAWA  - The largest ever March for Life May 13 marked growing momentum for the pro-life movement.

The crowd estimated at 12,500 celebrated the recent defeat of the euthanasia and assisted suicide Bill C-384 and Parliament’s vote to not include abortion in a Canadian-led G8 maternal and child health initiative.

Church must return to conservative roots, says Tom Monaghan

Tom MonaghanTORONTO - The culture war between liberal and conservative Catholics in the United States is not a good thing, but it will only end when liberal Catholics embrace conservative principles or leave the Church entirely, says America’s richest and most controversial Catholic philanthropist.

Tom Monaghan, who won a World Series as owner of the Detroit Tigers and who built up Domino’s Pizza to 6,200 franchises world-wide then sold the company to an investment firm for $1 billion in 1998, makes no apology for using his wealth to recreate the Church he remembers from the 1940s and ’50s.

Mexican cop handcuffed by immigration board

 Gustavo GutierrezTORONTO - Before rejecting Gustavo Gutierrez’s claim for asylum, a board member of Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board asked the decorated police detective why he didn’t just take his concerns about death threats to a higher level of Mexican law enforcement.

Months later Gutierrez is still stunned by the question.

Family Services of Dufferin-Peel to open family justice centre

Catholic Family Service of Dufferin-Peel new centreBRAMPTON, Ont. - A man who lost his job is anxious about how to pay the bills. He’s run out of savings, his credit cards are maxed out. This causes anxiety, depression, even domestic abuse as tensions mount at home, taking a toll on the family.

A woman who suffers abuse at the hands of her husband is afraid to file a report with police. Her children who witness the abuse are traumatized.

Mayoral candidates meet with Toronto faith leaders

Toronto mayor candidatesTORONTO - At least four of the would-be mayors of Toronto want something from the city’s churches, synagogues, mosques and temples.

As mayor, Rocco Rossi would ask for an inventory of all social services offered by faith groups, George Smitherman would ask for a co-ordinated effort from faith groups on homelessness, Joe Pantalone would ask faith communities for help integrating immigrants into the fabric of the city, and Rob Ford wants churches to phone and alert him of any homeless people on the streets so he can personally drive out, pick them up and take them to a shelter.

Toronto to host Church IT conference

DISC logoTORONTO - In today’s era of evangelization, churches need to be armed with the technological know-how and new media savvy to help advance their ministry.

An upcoming North American conference aims to help equip dioceses and parishes in Canada and the United States to navigate and succeed in the world of Facebook, Twitter and electronic giving.

Toronto council kills holiday shopping plan


TORONTO - Torontonians will not be flocking to shopping malls this Christmas, or any other statutory holidays, after city council voted to kill a proposal to extend shopping on holidays.

Council voted against the proposal May 12 and have sent it back to committee for more study.

Toronto Archbishop Thomas Collins published an open letter to council May 11 urging councillors to "strongly oppose" the proposal that would have seen stores allowed to open on Christmas, Easter Sunday, Good Friday and other holidays.

Collins fights city hall on Christmas shopping


Toronto Archbishop Thomas Collins has published an open letter to Toronto city council to “strongly oppose” a proposal to permit shopping on holidays, including Christmas and Good Friday.

“Our whole community is made poorer when times sacred to the human spirit are sacrificed so that the last drop of profit may be extracted,” wrote Collins.

Walk with Jesus: A multi-media presentation

jesus WalkMore than 1,000 students in Halton area Catholic schools went for a walk May 6 in the first annual Walk With Jesus.

It was a chance for students to absorb the Bible through their feet, according to photographer and reporter Michael Swan. His audio-visual slide-show presentation can be viewed below.






Catholics need to share their faith

mission festTORONTO - For some Catholics, attending lively non-denominational events presents an opportunity to share in a common faith in Christ and cross the wearisome Protestant-Catholic divide. At the same time, it’s also a chance to remind others of what Roman Catholicism has to offer — which can have both positive and challenging results depending on the delivery.

Elizabeth Wodham of Sarnia, Ont., considers herself an active Catholic, participating as a eucharistic minister and in other aspects of parish life. But to her, missions are an important part of evangelization and she laments the fact that nothing Catholic promotes the missions as much as MissionFest, a non-denominational event which features an exhibit tent for missionary organizations. The 15th annual MissionFest took place in Toronto April 16-18.