Students in London, Ont., learned a valuable lesson about loving your neighbour.

After an unsanctioned homecoming street party destroyed the garden of a beloved neighbour, students from Western University, King’s University College and Brescia College came to the rescue.

Vatican: Canada did not seek extradition for diplomat with porn charges

VATICAN – Canadian authorities did not request the extradition of a Vatican diplomat who has been charged by police in Canada of accessing, possessing and distributing child pornography, a Vatican spokesman said.

Bubble zone legislation is 'simply wrong'


Bubble zone legislation proposed to keep protesters away from abortion clinics in Ontario is “an unjust denial of freedom of expression and Charter rights,” according to Ontario Civil Liberties Association executive director Joe Hickey.

Province targets pro-life seniors

The Ontario government is trying to reimpose a lapsed, 23-year-old temporary injunction against 16 aging pro-life protesters.

Alberta court rules against university student pro-life group

The University of Alberta Pro-Life student group is planning to appeal after a provincial court ruled in favour of the university’s decision to charge $17,500 in security fees as a condition to host a public event on campus.

Archbishop LeGatt releases report on state of diocese to the public

In what may be a first for transparency in the Canadian Catholic Church, St. Boniface Archbishop Albert LeGatt has publicly released a 108-page report on the state of his bilingual diocese in Manitoba.

Assisted suicide on the rise in Canada, report shows

OTTAWA – Euthanasia and assisted suicide deaths in Canada could soon exceed the rates of such deaths in Belgium and the Netherlands, warns the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition.

Mustard Seed spreads welcoming message for Thanksgiving


Sr. Gwen Smith is singing about shoo-fly pie and apple pan dowdy.

Quebec Catholic Church mulls questions about transgender godparents

QUEBEC CITY – Andrea was baffled when her friend asked her to be the godmother of her newborn baby. She would have said "Yes" right away, but things are not that simple for her. She has been a woman for only a little more than a year.

Great big Catholic wedding sets record


COQUITLAM, B.C. – Jennifer Sison couldn’t stop crying and smiling when she and her husband Carlo walked down the aisle to say their vows in front of 58 other brides and grooms and hundreds of well wishers at St. Clare of Assisi Parish.

“I felt like crying, and excited. Lots of people were there to celebrate for us,” said Sison. “We felt so very blessed at that time. My husband and I were so happy.

”Jennifer and Carlo were one of 30 couples married in the Coquitlam church in one massive ceremony last month, setting a new record for the largest marriage in the Archdiocese of Vancouver.

Organizer Deacon Greg Barcelon said the great big wedding was hosted for couples who have been civilly married but never said their “I do’s” in a church. Catholics married outside the Church are barred from receiving the sacrament of Communion.

“It’s really life-changing for them,” the deacon said. “There are many of them out there that we can gather and bring back.”

The Archdiocese of Vancouver first held a wedding for civilly married couples, also called a convalidation, for 15 couples in 2016.

This year’s event was twice the size.

“We’re actually just barely scratching the surface,” said Barcelon.

“It’s like Catholics Come Home,” an initiative aimed at inviting lapsed Catholics back to Church and launched in the Archdiocese of Vancouver in 2012 and 2013. “Now that they are able to receive the sacraments, they are coming back.”

Archbishop J. Michael Miller celebrated the wedding Mass with all 60 brides and grooms, plus their families and witnesses, on Sept. 16.

“It is a blessed moment for you, dear friends, many of whom have waited long for this day when you are restored to full communion with the Church,” he said during his homily.

“Through the sacramental graces you will receive from this day forward, your married love will be purified, strengthened and ennobled.”

Miller urged the 30 couples to be “faithful witnesses of God’s love” by constantly nourishing their relationships and their faith.

After four years of civil marriage to Carlo, Sison said she is thrilled she has been married in the Church and can receive the Eucharist.

“As a couple, we go to church, but we don’t receive the holy bread. We just cross our hands on our chests. It’s very important for us to accept the body of Christ when we go to church. Now we are blessed in our church so we can accept that,” she said.

“God will give us more blessings, I believe, if we are blessed in our Church.”

(The B.C. Catholic)

Life Chain hits the streets

Thousands of people joined the Life Chain peaceful protest against abortion on Oct. 1 at more than 200 street corners across Canada.