As defined by the Merriam and Webster dictionary, a crusader is someone “who makes an impassioned and sustained effort to bring about social or political change.”

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Pope Francis prayed that Catholics in China would be free to share the Gospel and live their faith fully.

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When Pope Benedict XVI instituted the Day of Prayer for Catholics in China in 2007, Aloysius Jin Luxian was bishop of Shanghai. That year, an article in The Atlantic monthly described Bishop Jin as "arguably the most influential and controversial figure in Chinese Catholicism of the last 50 years."

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A Vatican-approved Chinese bishop remains in detention more than one year after his arrest for allegedly violating the communist country's repressive regulations on religious affairs.

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In the U.S.-China rivalry that involves a complex mix of diplomacy, trade wars and sanctions, religion has come under increased pressure after the communist regime banned online propagation of religion by foreign nationals, purportedly to make religion more Chinese-oriented.

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One of the greatest passages in the Bible is the story of the Good Samaritan.

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