Updated 04/23/2019

Accounting isn’t nearly as dull as we think it is, at least for those who practise the craft on behalf of international corporations that don’t want to pay taxes.

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VATICAN CITY - A number of Catholic parishes in Italy are set for a management overall, following a new training program launched May 5 between the Villanova School of Business in the United States and the Pontifical Lateran University in Rome.

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TORONTO - An accounting error in the previous budget means that the Toronto Catholic District School Board is expected to end this school year with a $16.9-million deficit.

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As the university “summer” session began, there were a few things I had come to dread: the sweltering heat, brussel sprouts and the accounting course I am taking this summer.

I dreaded this course because one small miscalculation could completely render the following equations inaccurate, and the thought of failure due to one simple mistake seemed a daunting prospect. You might say the same can be said of mathematics of any kind. True — to some extent. But, unlike most other “mathematical sciences,” basic accounting focuses on a notion of balances: assets = liabilities + investments. 

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