UNITED NATIONS - Protecting "our common home for present and future generations is one of the most urgent demands of our time," Archbishop Gabriele Caccia, the Vatican's permanent observer to the United Nations, said Oct. 13.

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In a recent interview with Global News, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that his government will put forward an “ambitious agenda” for a green recovery. “We know the world is going towards lower carbon,” he said. It appears that he is willing to stake the fate of his minority government on such an agenda.

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OTTAWA -- More than 150 organizations, including Catholic and other religious groups, have united to support six “Principles for a Just Recovery” which they hope will influence what Canada will look like after COVID-19.

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VATICAN CITY -- Commemorating the fifth anniversary of his encyclical on the environment, Pope Francis called on Christians to join in prayer and acts of care for the Earth and for the poor.

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It is not wrong to say that Laudato Si’ is an encyclical about ecology or climate change. But nobody gets full marks for that answer.

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One could almost hear the collective sigh of relief as governments across Canada announced the lifting of some restrictions imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Making an impact in the world doesn’t have to be an accomplishment reserved for the later years of life. At 16, Haana Edenshaw has already made considerable strides towards raising environmental awareness and protecting her land.

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Despite months of protests from youth climate activists around the world, leaders at a global climate summit in Madrid have kicked the can of climate change down the road until the next UN-sponsored negotiations in 11 months. 

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Pope Francis is increasingly critical of the lack of political will to grapple with the growing threat of climate change. The Pope’s frustration raises the critical issue of how whole societies can be persuaded to change their behaviour to avert threats to their existence.

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Victoria Filibus and her nine children have suffered the terrorism of Boko Haram and seen their lives upended as displaced persons living in a camp.

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The Laudato Si’ Generation and young members of Development and Peace marched again among more than 5,000 protesters who rallied in front of Queen’s Park and streamed down Toronto’s Yonge Street Nov. 29. 

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VATICAN CITY -- Climate change, water resources, inculturation and indigenous practices were among the topics discussed during the first afternoon session of the Synod of Bishops for the Amazon.

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Out of the mouths of babes has poured a passionate and brutally blunt condemnation of mankind’s contamination of God’s creation.

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Tens of thousands of people in Toronto joined more than 80 other youth-led marches across Canada on Sept. 27 to demand immediate action to address global climate change.

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As at least 60,000 people marched on United Nations headquarters Sept. 20 and hundreds of thousands of students around the world demanded climate solutions, Canadian Catholics launched a chapter of the Global Catholic Climate Movement with calls for politicians to confront climate change.

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