I was said nun who was among those arrested at a “pray in” at a downtown Toronto bank.

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"With great regret," Pope Francis has accepted his doctors' advice to not travel to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Dec. 1-3 and is looking at alternative ways the Vatican can participate in the U.N. Climate Change Conference, the director of the Vatican press office said.

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When Pope Francis visits Dubai in the United Arab Emirates Dec. 1-3 to address the opening of the UN Climate Change Conference, he will be the first pope ever to attend one of the global gatherings that began in 1995.

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Pope Francis will travel to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates Dec. 1-3 to participate in the U.N. Climate Change Conference, the Vatican press office confirmed.

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Pope Francis claims the clock is ticking on the dangers of climate change -- and both a paradigm shift and practical action are critically needed to avert looming disasters in nature and human society.

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The Vatican's criminal court ordered two climate activists to pay more than $30,000 in damages after they glued themselves to an ancient sculpture in the Vatican Museums to draw attention to the effects of climate change.

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As the world’s scientists once again draw attention to the dire state of a warming planet, it’s time for churches to up their game on climate change, said Green Party leader Elizabeth May.

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With the ending of another year, we celebrate Jesus’ birth, the beginning of a life that leads to life for us all. As we ring in 2023, we need the new life of Christ to combat the culture of death.

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Twenty religious congregations have joined together to lobby Ottawa politicians on climate change and social justice. 

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Few things say “fallen humanity” better than the annual gaseous blowout of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change.

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Money for the damage done isn’t the same thing as preventing even more damage. That simple distinction left Yusra Shafi, Development and Peace-Caritas Canada delegate to the COP27 climate change conference, disappointed as she flew home from Egypt.

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For 21-year-old Development and Peace activist Yusra Shafi, being at the COP27 meetings in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, is “an incredible opportunity,” but sometimes an incredible opportunity to be frustrated.

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Disappointment and even anger at the end of the Glasgow climate summit is not the end of hope for Catholic climate action, said Laudato Si’ Movement - Canada co-ordinator Agnes Richard.

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In the bright sunshine of a cool fall day, Catholics and other Christians brought their voices, protest signs and faith to a gathering of about 2,000 people on the front lawn of Queen’s Park Nov. 6 in a Global Day of Action at the halfway point of United Nations climate talks in Glasgow.

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Granted, there is something beyond the borderline of zany in a journalist urging theologians to look to economics for reform of human behaviour.

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