VATICAN – The fundamental rights of all human beings, especially the most vulnerable, must be respected and protected in every situation, Pope Francis said, marking Human Rights Day, Dec.10.
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“What good can this wretched intolerance and religious bigotry effect?”

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TORONTO – Bullet holes and blood splatter still marked the walls. Carpets were stained. Even shoes and boots, removed before prayers and lined up, stood abandoned.

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September 8, 2016

Speak up on intolerance

Fall temperatures will empty beaches in southern France and bring a natural end to the burkini furor and ugly confrontations that have triggered a worldwide debate. But the underlying tension won’t be folded away with the beach blankets. And that is unsettling.

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The opportunity annually extended to Christians worldwide to be unified in prayer comes this year from Brazil, and it is being embraced in Canada from coast to coast.

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VATICAN CITY - A top Vatican official emphasized religious freedom worldwide and a peaceful solution to the conflict in eastern Ukraine as urgent priorities for Europe's main security organization.

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