Alpha Canada is hoping to inspire a new generation with the launch of its new and improved Alpha Film Series.

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VATICAN CITY - In his first video prayer message of the year, Pope Francis asked people to join him in praying that interreligious dialogue lead to "peace and justice."

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On Sept. 7, BuzzFeed released a YouTube video titled I Am Christian, But... to address popular misconceptions about the Christian faith. The Register asked our youth writers to watch the video and offer us their thoughts.

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SAN FRANCISCO - A video released July 14 appears to show a top Planned Parenthood official discussing the sale of parts of aborted babies for research, including discussing ways the abortion procedure can be altered to preserve specifically requested body parts.

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Now is the time Catholics need to prepare for a new urgency and a new way of thinking about our tradition and the natural world. We have to claim a new or renewed intimacy with creation.

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VATICAN CITY - The wisdom of "It takes a village to raise a child" has been lost as kids are either overprotected by permissive parents or neglected, Pope Francis said.

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