Wendy-Ann Clarke, The Catholic Register

Wendy-Ann Clarke, The Catholic Register

The approval of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine for use in Canada has heightened the discussion over whether Catholics should receive the vaccine, though Church teaching remains clear that it is “morally acceptable.”

It has not been the final season long time St. Francis Xavier University head basketball coach Steve Konchalski imagined.

“We look forward to hearing what you have to enrich the discussion,” said one student to an opponent at the second annual Ethics Bowl Feb. 27 in discussing whether or not pardoning criminals gave justice to the victims. “I’m excited to hear what team B has to say,” said another young competitor with a smile.

With Gen-Zs touted as a morally conscious generation bent on addressing the many ills in today’s society, King’s University College Capital Management Club fund manager Serge Muhirwa sees social justice defining the future of investment.

If Kurt Downes’ sixth grade students or fellow teachers are ever looking for him during his lunch break, they can usually find him where they can the rest of the school day — in his classroom.

Roughly a decade in development, the new Centre for Faith, Reason, Peace and Justice at St. Thomas More College couldn’t be more timely.

Condolence messages have been flowing in along with the tears at Toronto’s Furniture Bank since news broke of the passing of the organization’s founder, Sr. Anne Schenck on Feb. 17.

Dorothy Pilarski is only half joking when she urges the women in her mother’s group to use their kitchen counters as a pulpit.

Since watching a Netflix documentary on veganism five years ago, Fr. Donatello Iocco has never been the same. 

Personally and professionally, Julie Turenne-Maynard sees daily the loneliness and isolation amongst an aging population living at home or in long-term care facilities across Canada.