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{mosimage}The president of the Philippines is getting an earful from corporations with money to invest worried about the human rights record of Filipino police.

UN peacekeepers authorized for Darfur


{mosimage}WASHINGTON - The United Nations’ decision July 31 to send a peacekeeping force to the Darfur region of Sudan drew cheers from Caritas Internationalis, the Vatican-based confederation of Catholic relief, development and social service organizations.

Catholics relieved British army leaves Northern Ireland

{mosimage}BELFAST, Northern Ireland - A Belfast-based Passionist priest said Northern Irish Catholics feel “joy and relief” that British military operations in the region have come to an end.

Florida ‘wrongful birth’ award devalues child

{mosimage}WASHINGTON - A recent Florida court case in which a jury awarded $23.5 million as compensation for the “wrongful birth” of a child is the latest sign that “society is moving toward designer children” who are not valued if they are not perfect, an official of the Florida Catholic Conference said July 30.

Mugabe up to his dirty tricks again

{mosimage}The highly publicized accusations of adultery against Bulawayo Archbishop Pius Ncube, Zimbabwe’s well-known opponent to the harsh regime of President Robert Mugabe, are just another part of the president’s campaign to discredit one of his most powerful critics.

Turkish election good for Catholics

{mosimage}ROME - Anoverwhelming victory for Turkey’s ruling Islamic-oriented party should be a “positive thing” for the nation’s Catholics, said Bishop Luigi Padovese, apostolic administrator of Anatolia, Turkey.

Zimbabwe Archbishop says adultery charges part of 'well-orchestrated campaign'

{mosimage}CAPE TOWN, South Africa - The lawyer for Zimbabwean Archbishop Pius Ncube of Bulawayo said his client will deny in court allegations of adultery that are part of a “well-orchestrated campaign” to discredit him.

L.A. archdiocese shells out $660 million to abuse victims

{mosimage}LOS ANGELES - The Los Angeles archdiocese July 15 announced the largest church settlement of sexual abuse lawsuits to date, agreeing to pay more than 500 alleged victims a total of $660 million U.S.

Vatican clarifies nature of ‘one, true church’

{mosimage}VATICAN CITY - In a brief document, the Vatican’s doctrinal congregation reaffirmed that the Catholic Church is the one, true church, even if elements of truth can be found in separated churches and communities.

Pope expands use of Latin Mass

{mosimage}VATICAN CITY — In a long-awaited overture to disaffected Catholic traditionalists, Pope Benedict XVI relaxed restrictions on the use of the Tridentine Mass, the Latin-language liturgy that predates the Second Vatican Council.

Papal letter seeks uniting of Chinese communities

{mosimage}In a groundbreaking letter to Chinese Catholics, Pope Benedict XVI established new guidelines to favour co-operation between clandestine Catholic communities and those officially registered with the government.