{mosimage}TORONTO - St. Matthew Catholic School teacher Kateri Vrakking won a silver medal in archery this past summer at the Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

St. Francis Table offers dignity for 20 years


{mosimage}TORONTO - Parkdale isn’t what it used to be. There are condos going up, gourmet restaurants offering Food Channel cuisine, artists and entrepreneurs sharing the sidewalk with the homeless, ex-psychiatric patients and the chronically unemployed.

New religious order opens Toronto chapter


{mosimage}TORONTO - A new religious order has joined the archdiocese of Toronto.

Three Sisters of Life arrived Aug. 27 to open the order’s first Canadian chapter.

Europe needs to revert to Christian values


{mosimage}VIENNA, Austria - On a three-day pilgrimage to Austria, Pope Benedict XVI brought a core theme of his pontificate to Central Europe, warning that a drift away from Christian values is leaving society unfulfilled, less charitable and without a real future.

Struggling with the trust factor

{mosimage}It may well be a greater compliment to be trusted than to be loved. If so, is it a greater heartbreak to watch trust evaporate?

Bishop Clune fondly remembered

{mosimage}Retired Toronto Auxiliary Bishop Robert Clune, who died Sept. 6, shared the joys of his journey of faith with all he met, a nearly packed St. Michael’s Cathedral was told at his funeral Mass the following week.

Pope accepts resignation of outspoken critic of Zimbabwean leadership


{mosimage}VATICAN CITY -- Pope Benedict XVI accepted the resignation of Zimbabwean Archbishop Pius Ncube of Bulawayo, the most outspoken critic of the country's leadership who is also facing allegations of adultery.

100 years of praying for Christian unity


{mosimage}TORONTO - Anyone who thought a look back at 20th-century history through the eyes of prayer would be comforting, uplifting or anodyne might want to begin with the 1919 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

Families challenged to create future saints


{mosimage}OTTAWA - “Families, where are the saints of the third millennium?”

That question forms the title of the Catholic Organization for Life and Family’s (COLF) annual message to families for 2007, challenging families to pass the faith on to the next generation.

Korean missionaries rethink overseas missions


{mosimage}SEOUL, South Korea - As 19 South Korean hostages returned safely to their country, Catholic and Protestant church leaders said it was time to reflect on overseas missions and service.

Pope expresses hope for Mideast peace


{mosimage}CASTEL GANDOLFO, Italy - Pope Benedict XVI met with Israeli President Shimon Peres and expressed hope that new diplomatic moves can bring peace in the Middle East.