An Ontario campaign to pressure politicians over the protection of health care conscience rights is “democracy in action,” said an organizer.

Toronto prepares to host the world’s religions


As Toronto prepares to host more than 10,000 people in November for seven days of reflection on faith, cultures and traditions, Catholics are getting ready to play their part during the Parliament of World’s Religions.

Motion to remove value attestation in Canada Summer Jobs application fails


OTTAWA – Liberal MP Scott Simms defied his party and voted against the government as a Conservative motion to drop the Canada Summer Jobs attestation requirement was defeated March 19 in a packed House of Commons.

New bishop ordained for Canada's North

Newly ordained Bishop Jon Hansen of the Diocese of Mackenzie-Fort Smith, wearing a seal-skin mitre and locally made chasuble, addresses fellow bishops and the crowd gathered for his ordination in the gymnasium of St. 

Patrick’s High School in Yellowknife, N.W.T., on March 16. Hansen, who was formerly pastor of Our Lady of Victory Parish in Inuvik, was appointed by Pope Francis in December and succeeds Bishop Mark Hagemoen, who was appointed Bishop of Saskatoon. Hansen was born and raised in Alberta before joining the Redemptorists and being ordained a priest in 2003. The Diocese of Mackenzie-Fort Smith, with 32 parishes and missions, covers much of Canada’s North.

Controversial bubble zone protester dies after heart surgery


Ottawa – The man whose street protests prompted Ontario’s abortion bubble zone legislation has died while awaiting trial after becoming the first person charged for violating the new law.

ShareLife supports walk-in clinics vital for people in crisis


Everyone goes through times of crisis, but not everyone has a place to turn to for mental health support. 

Mallett creates music for a higher purpose


Mark Mallett was close to losing his religion when he rediscovered his Catholic faith through music. 

Daily TV Mass has come a long way since its launch 20 years ago

A merge between ministry and technology has been bringing Mass into people’s homes for 20 years, and more recently, onto their smartphone screens.

Leap of faith: Young dancer lands a coveted spot in National Ballet summer program

When Christine Mrakuzic enrolled her three-year-old daughter Mia in dance, the idea was to help her overcome anxiety.

March for Life navigating around bubble zone street issues


OTTAWA – After a year of battles over Charter freedoms, euthanasia, conscience rights and bubble zone legislation, March for Life organizers expect a large turnout for their May 10 trek to Parliament Hill.

'Easter bunny' ruling is fuel for religious freedom fight

OTTAWA – A court ruling that has upheld the rights of religious freedom and expression in the so-called Easter Bunny case seems to support those who will to take the federal government to court over the controversial Canada Summer Jobs application, said lawyer John Carpay.



Vanessa Santilli-Raimondo: Healthy eating is a taste of the good life 

Healthy foods provide us with the gift of well-being over the long-term — including increased energy and mood, which no doubt can affect the spiritual life.


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