EDMONTON – When Frank Stempfle was born prematurely in a rural Alberta farmhouse on a winter day in 1926 he weighed just 2½ pounds. His father placed him in a shoebox near the oven to keep him warm, and the neighbours didn’t think he’d live.

D&P given a boost for Rohingya refugees


Development and Peace has received an additional $500,000 from Global Affairs Canada to spend between now and Christmas to keep Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh safe, warm and dry.

Tories adopt several pro-life stands


OTTAWA – While divided on abortion, the Conservative Party has adopted policies to remove the controversial pro-abortion attestation requirement of the Canada Summer Jobs program and to end funding for overseas abortion as part of Canada’s maternal and child health program.

More than a game: Ottawa team plays against Parkland school marred by mass shooting


Beyond the competition, football is about brotherhood for the St. Matthew’s Tigers. 

Bishop Fabbro vows renewed effort to restore Windsor’s historic Assumption Church


A wall of secrecy doomed two successive fundraising campaigns to restore one of Canada’s most significant historical churches in Windsor, Ont., an independent inquiry has found.

Knights of Columbus elect B.C. man to board of directors


The Knights of Columbus on Canada’s west coast have been waiting 30 years for this moment.

Federal government makes ambitious plans for poverty reduction


Over the next 12 years the federal government promises to raise 2.1 million Canadians out of poverty and take Canada’s poverty rate from one in every eight Canadians to one in every 17 Canadians by 2030.

Archbishop Mancini attacking abuse issue head-on


Even as he faces another sex abuse case in his own diocese, Archbishop Anthony Mancini is not afraid of going bankrupt.

Regina's Archbishop Bolen appeals directly to abuse victims


Just three months after launching a video appeal to victims of clergy abuse, Regina Archbishop Don Bolen is again appealing to victims to come forward.

Trinity Western law school plans on hold


OTTAWA – Trinity Western University’s decision to drop its mandatory community covenant has left religious freedom advocates wondering how it will impact the future of their cause. 

An epic pilgrimage trek at Lac Ste. Anne


LAC STE ANNE COUNTY, Alta. – She finally made it. 


coptic egypt christians

Charles Lewis: We must open eyes to anti-Christian bigotry

Most of us take for granted the safety and peace of our houses of worship so when that is broken it is akin to being punched in the gut, Lewis writes.


Pope's homily