OTTAWA – After battling all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada to defend its mandatory community covenant, Trinity Western University (TWU) has decided to drop it for students.

Northern B.C. residents 'broken' as wildfire ravages homes, church

VANCOUVER – Catholics in the Diocese of Whitehorse, Yukon, sought assistance after a devastating wildfire in Telegraph Creek, British Columbia, destroyed a mission church, rectory and homes.

After a century, Marian shrine in Alberta still draws thousands

SKARO, Alberta (CNS) -- It's easy to drive by the stone grotto at the Skaro shrine for those who don't know its history.

Can a doctor-assisted death be ‘natural’ and ‘suicide’?


Whenever a doctor assists in a suicide in Ontario by injecting a patient with chemicals to stop the heart, it is recorded on the death certificate as a natural death. 

Toronto young adult ministry spreads its wings


Samantha Rossi had just graduated from university in 2017 when she began to feel apprehensive about what she wanted to do next. 

Global study finds Canada has widest gap in religious practice between younger and older generations


VANCOUVER – A recent poll has confirmed what most youth ministry workers are already losing sleep over: young people across the globe tend to be less religious than their elders.

New St. Vincent de Paul director puts Canada-wide focus on advocacy for poor 


The umbrella organization for hundreds of St. Vincent de Paul councils in parishes across Canada is getting ready to step into the national spotlight.

1 in 4 Canadians face financial hardship, Angus Reid poll finds


A new report from the Angus Reid Institute showing poverty may be a bigger problem than official statistics indicate is ramping up pressure on Ottawa to unveil a federal poverty reduction strategy.

Conservative platform included protection of conscience rights


A petition demanding conscience rights for doctors who oppose assisted suicide is the first move in a multi-pronged strategy to persuade Ontario’s new government to enshrine such rights in law.

Ecumenical statement embraces Christian concern for environment


Canada’s two largest churches, which represent two-thirds of Canadian Christians, have jointly declared that climate change and ecological degradation are central, enduring concerns for Christians.

The poverello of Toronto: Fr. Joe MacDonald ministered to the mentally ill


During his life, St. Francis of Assisi was known as the "poverello,” or the poor man who renounced the world to live for Jesus alone.


St Michaels College abuse 02

Fr. Raymond J. de Souza: Lazy media suggest St. Michael's coverup 

Ever since Watergate, scandals have been covered according to the adage: “It’s not the crime, it’s the coverup,” Fr. Raymond J. de Souza writes.


Pope's homily