OTTAWA -- Conservative MP David Anderson claims his bill to protect the conscience rights of health care professionals has received a great deal of support across Canada. However, it is unlikely to ever come to a vote before the next election.

St. Michael’s can ‘take the lead’ on bullying


Coming out of the much-publicized hazing scandal that led to sexual assault charges against seven of its students, St. Michael’s College School is well-positioned to take the lead in combatting bullying in schools, says the lawyer leading the school’s culture review.

Global mission begins on a global stage at UN


Genevieve Pinnington is on a mission to spread the good news of global citizenship. 

After six months working at the United Nations headquarters in New York City, the 22-year-old returned to Toronto with a passion to engage others in world issues — not to mention a personal sense of appreciation for the greener spaces of home.

Knights of Columbus saying goodbye to ceremonial cape and chapeau


A longstanding tradition is coming to an end this summer as the Knights of Columbus discard the ceremonial capes and plumed chapeaus of its Fourth Degree members.

Canadians give Church failing grade on handling abuse crisis


OTTAWA -- A majority of Canadian Catholics believe the clerical sexual abuse crisis has been mishandled by the Church, but the scandals have not caused a faith crisis and most Catholics still support Pope Francis, according to a national survey.

Sculptor draws inspiration from homeless


When Timothy Schmalz was envisioning how best to portray Christ in his When I Was Naked sculpture, he was stumped.

Toronto Climate Strike takes its message to businesses


About 200 students with the the backing of their parents, grandparents and teachers sang and chanted their request for immediate and bold climate action at the latest #FridaysForFuture student Climate Strike Friday, May 24 in Nathan Phillips Square.

Dying Healed aims for a ‘beautiful death’


Most people don’t associate death with beauty, but a pro-life organization is trying to change that.

Odds stacked against David Anderson, MP, bill


The odds weigh heavily against Bill C-418, Conservative MP David Anderson’s private member’s bill to enshrine conscience rights for health-care providers on assisted suicide, as the first hour of debate is set for Parliament May 29.

ShareLife helps to break vicious cycle of poverty


Amanda Fellows has seen all too closely how generational poverty keeps perpetuating itself.