{mosimage}TORONTO - If you’ve ever wondered what’s wrong with you, don’t ask Dr. Wayne Hammond. A clinical psychologist with a master of divinity degree, he probably knows — but he won’t tell you.

Knights of the Holy Sepulchre in Canada 50 years

{mosimage}TORONTO - Few people would think there is any connection between 21st-century Toronto and the 11th-century Crusades. Yet on Oct. 4, a group of close to 100 men and women gathered to celebrate just such a link.

Charismatics gifted by the Holy Spirit for 40 years

{mosimage}TORONTO - “Holy Spirit rain down, rain down. Let your power fall,” sang 25 members of Our Lady of Lourdes parish charismatic prayer group in downtown Toronto on a recent rainy Friday evening.

Refugee advocate arrested at border

{mosimage}TORONTO - Cardinal Avery Dulles is ready to testify on behalf of his niece, who has been charged at the Quebec-U.S. border with human trafficking.

Real leaders don't need a flow chart

{mosimage}The best leaders in today's organizations, whether in business, charity, or religion, are not the aggressive, take-charge dynamos who run over their opponents with fierce determination. Instead, they need to be people who take time to reflect and nurture others.

Bishops look to deal with diminished resources

{mosimage}OTTAWA - In their upcoming plenary  Oct. 15-19, Canada’s bishops will focus their national activities to have more impact and will consider new communications strategies.

Pembroke welcomes newest bishop

{mosimage}PEMBROKE - This rural diocese straddling the Ottawa River and taking in parts of Ontario and Quebec welcomed 45-year-old Michael Mulhall as its eighth bishop Sept. 21.

Uncertainty affects Jantzi Index

{mosimage}TORONTO - In uncertain markets, ethically minded investors have shared in the uncertainty. The Jantzi Social Index of 60 Canadian stocks selected on the basis of their environmental, social and governance practices dropped 0.7 per cent of its overall value in August.

Proxy votes still favour management

{mosimage}TORONTO - Is your mutual fund really on your side? A new study from the Social Investment Organization suggests most mutual funds are actually voting reflexively with management whenever investors challenge their environmental, social or corporate governance practices.

40 years for Development and Peace

{mosimage} TORONTO - Pope Paul VI had a name for the kind of people who will gather for Mass at St. Basil’s Church on the University of Toronto campus 2 p.m. Oct. 27. He called them “The Artisans of Destiny.”

Married couples on the decline


{mosimage}OTTAWA - The latest Statistics Canada’s Census 2006 report, Family Portrait, released Sept. 12, shows troubling trends that spell bad news for the future well-being of society, say pro-family groups.


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Charles Lewis: We must open eyes to anti-Christian bigotry

Most of us take for granted the safety and peace of our houses of worship so when that is broken it is akin to being punched in the gut, Lewis writes.


Pope's homily