OTTAWA - The Canadian Judicial Council has dismissed REAL Women of Canada’s allegations of judicial misconduct against Ontario Chief Justice Roy McMurtry, whose 2003 Halpern decision determined the traditional definition of marriage discriminated against same-sex couples.

Kamloops’ councillor fined for statemensts on homosexuality

OTTAWA - A Kamloops, B.C., city councillor has agreed to pay a $1,000 settlement to a homosexual couple for public statements he made about homosexuality.

Anglican Catholic Church consecrates two bishops

OTTAWA - The primate of the Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC) Archbishop John Hepworth consecrated two   auxiliary bishops for the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada (ACCC) Jan. 27 at a ceremony in Ottawa.

Rights groups fight refugee deal

TORONTO - The United States human rights record and its war on terror are on trial in a Federal Court in Toronto. The Canadian Council of Churches, Amnesty International, the Canadian Council for Refugees and an anonymous Colombian in a Nebraska jail are trying to persuade a judge to suspend Canadian co-operation with the United States on handling of refugees.

KAIROS to dig deeper into plight of poor

TORONTO - How a community teaches a man to fish is the question Michael Polanyi wants churchgoers and low-income people to start discussing.

‘Weapon of rights’ aimed at religions

OTTAWA - A prominent Canadian public intellectual has set off alarm bells for suggesting the Catholic Church and other religions that don’t comply with so-called Canadian values should lose their charitable tax status.

D&P rethinks its ways

The financial challenge in front of Canada's Catholic development agency runs deeper than money. The Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace is asking whether Catholics really believe in what the 40-year-old agency does.

Mixed reviews from Catholic observers on Liberal leader Dion

Stephane DionOTTAWA - The new Liberal leader Stéphane Dion gets mixed reviews from Catholic observers who like his stress on a sustainable environment and social justice but raise concerns about his highly individualistic notion of rights. That approach could mean clashes down the road with group rights, especially those of families, religions and nationalities, they say.

Church used in charitable tax fraud

TORONTO - Almost $3 million worth of fake receipts for fictional donations to 39 Toronto-area Catholic parishes has landed a Markham, Ont., woman in court.

Government moves slow on no-sweat policy

The federal government can't say when Canadians will get to know whether the prison uniforms it buys are sewn by prison labourers in Myanmar, or whether Canadian army boots are manufactured using child labour.

Canadian philanthropy lags behind Americans

TORONTO - Canadians are the third most generous people in the industrialized world, but only half as generous as Americans.

A spate of recent statistical reports on Canadian philanthropy draws a picture of a nation that opens its wallet, but not too wide.