MONTREAL - In a letter addressed to the Canadian bishops and the leaders of Development and Peace, prominent leaders of the Catholic Church in the Philippines and civil organizations criticized a moratorium on at least four Philippine associations suspected of "violating the social teachings of the Church."

Ombud’s much-delayed arrival met with anger


Canada has a new ombudsperson for corporate responsibility abroad, 15 months after the government announced it was creating the post. But unions and NGOs are reacting angrily to uncertainty and limitations over the ombudsperson’s powers to investigate human rights abuses.

Behind the palms


Palm leaves and fronds decorate churches everywhere Palm Sunday as Christians prepare for the most solemn time of the liturgical year.

Holy Week takes months of preparation


St. Michael’s Cathedral Basilica is bursting at the seams during Holy Week.

Ontario’s assisted suicides up 78 per cent


Ontario was home to 1,499 instances of assisted suicide last year, a 77.8-per-cent increase over 2017, according to numbers released by Ontario’s Office of the Chief Coroner.

‘Catholic system will be the next target’


Starving Ontario’s school boards of money will eventually lead to the loss of Catholic education, protesters told The Catholic Register during a rally at Queen’s Park.

A year later, it’s still ’Humboldt Strong’


It’s been a year since a nation was united in grief, waking up early one spring Saturday morning to the news that a team of young men pursuing their hockey dreams was torn apart in a horrific crash that would claim 16 members of the Humboldt Broncos’ family and leave 13 others with various physical and emotional scars they will carry a lifetime.

Defending the faith starts with listening


Young Catholics are being challenged with tough questions about their faith. Vlad Mamaradlo, lecturing on the practical world of apologetics, recalled a story of a woman who found herself in the middle of an abortion debate at work because a co-worker asked her why she was pro-life.

Church urged to take lead in protecting youth online


Children are in danger and Jesuit Fr. Hans Zollner believes the Catholic Church is uniquely placed to protect them.

‘We have to get to the bottom of this’: Archbishop Lépine


The Archdiocese of Montreal and four smaller dioceses within its ecclesiastical province have enlisted a former judge to conduct an external audit of files on the sexual abuse of minors dating back to 1950.

Quebec’s Bill 21 puts religious freedom at risk


OTTAWA - In pursuit of a secular state, Quebec is wrong to limit religious freedom, said the president of Quebec’s assembly of bishops after the province tabled a controversial bill that will bar many provincial employees from wearing religious clothing and symbols on the job.



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