Schmalz to unveil latest work, an homage to Carlos Acutis

When thousands gather this summer in Indianapolis for the 10th National Eucharistic Congress, they’ll be able to view the creation of another in the long line of Christian art by renowned Canadian artist Timothy Schmalz.

For Fr. Bauer, the person came before the hockey player

A new book about the the sporting pioneer and Basilian priest Fr. David Bauer investigates how he championed the holistic development of the hockey players he mentored.

Donkey tales: hitching a ride to God

Born in communist Poland in 1982, Izabela Ciesinska’s appreciation for visual storytelling and illustration began as far back as she can remember. 

Sacred music passion fuels TV series

A new television program airing March 30 looks to combine sacred music performances with riveting discussions from local ministers of the Catholic Church.

Film an injustice to Mother Cabrini’s mission

Cabrini, the latest movie from the team that produced Bella (2006) and Sound of Freedom (2023), opened on March 8 in cinemas across North America.

D&P harnesses film to spread social justice

The Diocese of Hamilton and Development and Peace - Caritas Canada are harnessing the power of film to educate people on social issues across the globe in a casual yet engaging way. 

Knights fund St. Peter’s Baldachin restoration

St. Peter’s Baldachin (Baldacchino in Italian) is undergoing its first major restoration since 1758, thanks to the efforts of the Knights of Columbus. 

Faith is believing in the power of good: Bocelli

For one brief moment at the outset of the pandemic, the hopes of the world seemed concentrated on a single man standing alone outside the massive Duomo di Milano in Italy.

Death in its many forms celebrated at ROM

A Royal Ontario Museum exhibition now running captures the depiction and celebration of death in its many forms, in nature and across different cultures.

Rapper C-DOT drops a Christian vibe

A Canadian Christian musician is doing his part to change the game for the better, bringing back carefully crafted, deliberate and fruitful songs to the hip-hop genre, all for the glory of God. 

Can 'Ordinary Angels' kickstart film industry?

The North American box office is off to a feeble start in 2024. January produced a total haul of $513.6 million. According to the media measurement and analytics company Comscore, this marks the worst performance for the first month of the year, outside of the COVID years, since 1999.

Keys to 1914 and today: humanity, humility

Brooks, Alta., author Ben Galeski’s splendid new novel, The Good Heart, chronicles a young Canadian infantryman who turns to God and his inner strength to survive the hellish crucible of the First World War.

And then there’s Maude’s abortion

Jesuit Father Patrick J. Sullivan and Robert Beusse were not intent on launching an early battle in the culture wars when they met with CBS President Robert Wood the Wednesday before Thanksgiving in 1972. They were simply out to prevent a summer rerun.