It’s a workable solution, says pastor

Here’s something useful for your parish — a concise, practical presentation of creation care theology and ministry in 100 pages. It is written from a Roman Catholic perspective, in easy-to-read language for everybody, not just those with theological or pastoral degrees. 

A Christian solution to crisis

The world’s environmental crisis reflects a global spiritual crisis, and saving the planet requires a return to a world view centred around God, argues the director of the ecumenical Green Church program in Canada 

Jesus is a point where Christians, Muslims can meet

With Christians on the run in the Middle East, and Muslim fighters declaring war on the West and modernity, one Muslim scholar wants to talk about Jesus. 

‘People’s museum’ of human rights to open

WINNIPEG - Carmela Finkel remembers feeling terrified.

Merton, a genre on his own

Simply Merton: Wisdom from his Journals, by Linus Mundy, (Franciscan Media, 138 pages, $16.00) 

The Trappist monk and prolific writer Thomas Merton once spoke of the “Joyce Industry” in a particularly insightful essay on several books about the eminent Irish literary giant. Little did he know that in a short span there would be a “Merton Industry,” an industry which appears to offer no sign of waning. 

Refuting Woody Allen’s bleak world view

I was chagrined, but not entirely surprised, when I read Woody Allen’s recent ruminations on ultimate things. To be blunt, he could not be any bleaker regarding the issue of meaning in the universe. 

Understanding paths to, from the Church

TORONTO - My Brother’s Vows gives us the story of siblings who are running — one towards the Catholic Church and the other away from it. 

Just another Jesuit changing the world

Robert Blair Kaiser’s analysis of what makes Pope Francis tick is a wonderful read and to be promoted. But it’s not what I was expecting.

Teaching life beyond the football field

Genius looks like Bob “Coach Lad” Ladouceur, who led the De La Salle High School Spartans into the football history books.

The struggle between ideals and pragmatism

Crimes Against My Brother by David Adams Richards (Doubleday Canada, hardcover, 416 pages, $32.95).

David Adams Richards is a writer who knows the human soul and reveals it to us in dialogue, plot and inner reflection. It’s the author’s extraordinary access to the truth of being human that makes us care about his characters. We know them, and what brings them joy, pain, hope, despair, guilt and peace matters to us.

Diversity is The Giver of life, film teaches

Depicting a society in which every aspect of daily life is state-controlled — even birth and death — The Giver takes moviegoers on a journey from childhood naiveté to the harsh realities of shattered innocence.

Martin Scorsese to direct movie about Jesuit mission to 17th-century Japan

Although evangelical moviemakers have been in the spotlight lately with features such as Son of God and God’s Not Dead, at least one other prominent, mainstream director is also turning — or returning — to religion.

Discovering yourself along the Camino

When you walk the Camino de Santiago, what you think will be hard is easy and what you think will be easy is hard. That's the advice Annie O'Neil gives after embarking on the 805-km pilgrimage known as the Camino Francés from St. Jean Pied de Port, France, to Santiago, Spain, the most popular of the Way of St. James.