Talking Green Spirit

When Canada’s Catholic bishops last year spoke out yet again on the environment they were hoping they wouldn’t have the last word on the subject. Now a Catholic video production company along with several parishes and religious orders are hoping to get Catholic students and parishioners talking with the launch of Green Spirit TV.

French Mass survives CBC cuts

CBC budget cuts in April that will cost more than 600 employees their jobs left the weekly Mass in French relatively unscathed.

Intrigue among the incense

TORONTO - A smoky stage and the distinct scent of incense set the scene for the Vatican in 1978. It’s a place where “everything is confidential and nothing is secret,” according to the sharp-witted play The Last Confession.

World is making progress in ending war

Cynicism is tempting because it’s easy. Hope is hard work. At 85 peace activist, retired ambassador to the United Nations, former Progressive Conservative cabinet minister and Senator Douglas Roche refuses to take the easy way.

Noah director not religious, but he says film's environmental messages are

WASHINGTON - Director Darren Aronofsky says he is not religious, and that his Russell Crowe blockbuster movie Noah is the “least-biblical biblical film ever made.”

Heaven Is for Real

NEW YORK - "Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength." Those familiar words, addressed to God in Psalm 8 of the King James Bible, might serve as the tagline for the fact-based drama "Heaven Is for Real" (TriStar).

Taking you back to 33 days in 1978

Thirty-three days into his papacy, Pope John Paul I was found dead. His sudden death in 1978 plunged Catholics and other Christians into what British actor David Suchet calls “absolute despair” and set the stage, literally, for the theatrical production of The Last Confession.

Church can do much more for human rights

A significant Catholic scholar of the post-Vatican II era is struggling to be heard on a deeply Catholic subject — human rights.

Spirituality at ease with life’s mysteries

Prayer can be carried by the simplest of words. For American author Anne Lamott, those words are help, thanks and wow.

Scarboro Mission priest recounts the days of People Power

TORONTO - When the Filipino revolution happened Fr. Charlie Gervais was there, in the middle, talking to soldiers and rebels, peasants and potentates. History unfolded in his parish, in the prayers and struggles of his people.

Polish culture, Catholic faith go hand-in-hand

TORONTO - When Poles want to introduce the world to Polish culture, it begins and ends with their Catholic heritage.

Why some Muslim countries won’t screen ‘Noah’

Worried there weren’t enough quality retellings of Muslim stories for children, Adiba Ataeva decided to start her own publishing company. But rather than printed books or videos, Ataeva went with audio books in part because the medium offered the least hassles with fellow Muslims.

Biblical films back in style

A decade after The Passion of the Christ, Hollywood has seen the light — again — and it’s the colour of money.