Canadian artist’s homeless Jesus finds shelter at the Vatican

Canadian artist Timothy Schmalz’s life-sized bronze sculpture depicting Jesus as a homeless man lying on a park bench has found a home at the Vatican.

Getting to know the Lily of the Mohawks

To grasp the significance of St. Kateri Tekakwitha’s devotion to Christ, you have to understand the context of her life as a young native woman in the 17th century.

Christian art opens doors to our heritage

The first thing the Bible tells us about being human is that humans are an image. “Then God said, ‘Let us make humankind in our image, according to our likeness.’ ” We are a picture of God made by God.

A Catholic writer’s take on pop culture

As Dorothy Cummings McLean’s new novel Ceremony of Innocence hit bookshelves in North America, we interviewed The Catholic Register columnist via a video call about pop culture, Catholic literature and the lives of her characters. Below is an edited and abridged transcript of our chat with Dorothy.


Salt+Light doc introduces pre-papal Francis

When Pope Francis was still Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, he would often pass by Estevina Sánchez, a beggar in the streets of Buenos Aires. Before leaving, the last thing he’d always say to her was “Pray for me. Alleluia.”

Euthanasia a future battleground

In Michael Coren’s new book, The Future of Catholicism, the award-winning Catholic Register columnist warns the Church will face “enormous pressure” on the issue of euthanasia. Here is an excerpt from his book.

The Triumph still screened at Cineplex

The Triumph, a popular documentary about Marian apparitions in Medjugorje, Bosnia will be screened as originally scheduled at Cineplex facilities across Canada following a resolution of issues between the theatre giant and the Ave Maria Centre.

New site opens up possibilities for music ministry

TORONTO - A whole new world of musical opportunity has opened up for parishes and schools with the release of an online church music catalogue through a partnership between Novalis Publishing and LicenSing Online.

Famed organist/composer Massimo Nosetti succumbs to cancer

Massimo Nosetti, organist and composer, died Nov. 12 at the age of 53 after being diagnosed with cancer in October.

Other than Don Cherry, who knew?

If there is one thing Alyssa Bormes thinks hockey can teach us it is how to be better Catholics.

A blending of medieval, modern

Back in the 1300s, it’s doubtful that French composer Guillame de Machaut was imagining his newly written Messe de Nostre Dame being re-born in a future far, far away.

Gravity opens the door to the reality of God

Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity is the most visually arresting movie since Avatar. Its special effects have been quite rightly characterized as revolutionary and groundbreaking. But what is perhaps most surprising about this stunning film is its clear and profound religious import. 

Taking aim at ‘dumbed-down’ Catholicism

The Church is not on a mission, it is a mission.