Jerusalem divided but shockingly similar

TORONTO - When three young women, strangers to each other, were brought together in Jerusalem by an adventurous movie director they were surprised to discover how much they had in common.

Church treasures saved from sale

TORONTO When churches have a stained glass emergency — imagine a rock thrown through hundred-year- old glass — they call Mansu Han, artist, craftsman and stained glass superhero.

Some reading to help bolster the Lenten spirit

If you’re not ready, you can lose track of Lent. After Ash Wednesday slips by, the Thursdays and Fridays of Lent can seem a lot like any other Thursday or Friday.

Russell Crowe really wants Pope Francis to see Noah

ROME - Actor Russell Crowe is using social media to try to cajole Pope Francis into seeing his latest film, the controversial Noah, which stars Crowe as the waterlogged biblical patriarch.

‘Greatest love story ever told’ hits big screen

WASHINGTON - The upcoming movie Son of God should be seen as “a love story,” according to two of its executive producers, the husband-and-wife team of Mark Burnett and Roma Downey.

Audio Bible enlists Hollywood A-listers

A Bible for the new age is taking Scripture back to its spoken roots.

Salt+Light spreads its wings

Canada’s Catholic broadcaster has opened its first French-language bureau.

Still heroic superheroes

Superheroes have gotten too super. In their original form, comic book characters like Superman, the Flash and Spiderman were drawn in a way that emphasized their humanity as much as their prodigious abilities.

Papacy, despite its warts, is all good

Behind the anecdotes and centuries-long ups and downs presented here, Mike Aquilina constantly drives home his central point — the papacy never erred theologically.

The Golden Rule: a Magna Carta for God’s kingdom

If there’s any such thing as Christian ethics (and there is), most of us would imagine it might be based on the Golden Rule. But few moral theologians spare more than a passing thought on the crowning lines of the Sermon on the Mount: “In everything do to others as you would have them do to you; for this is the law and the prophets” (Matthew 7:12).

Atheism and the sins of the father

A once-popular book that links atheism with shoddy fathering is getting a second life with a new publisher, thanks, in part, to the rise of non-belief in the United States.

Trading the condo for the convent

Moses saw a burning bush and heard a voice. Samuel heard his name called three times. Saul also heard the voice of God after having been struck and temporarily blinded by lightning. In the modern age a select few can echo these Old and New Testament stories of an unequivocal call to service from God. But for most, discerning God’s call is a much trickier business. This was the case for Jane Christmas.

Composer humbled by continued response to his 1979 hymn

HONOLULU - Fr. Jan Michael Joncas has composed more than 300 liturgical songs, but his name is widely known for the one that tops a list of favourites: “On Eagle’s Wings.”