EDMONTON – As St. Joseph’s College in Edmonton looks to the future, a top priority is emerging.

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The Saint John Paul II Academy community is larger than the school’s modest membership would seem to suggest.

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The repercussions from last month’s viral video of a confrontation between a group of Catholic high school students and a Native American man in Washington, D.C., feed into the schism of faith and politics in the U.S.

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An iconic Canadian Catholic high school is reeling following the arrest of six students who are charged with assault and sexual assault following an alleged incident in a locker-room that was posted on social media.

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Michelle Dubre cried with joy when she heard the news. 

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DENVER, Colo. – On Wednesday, thousands of students throughout the United States walked out of classrooms as part of National School Walkout, a demonstration calling for safer schools and increased gun control, in the wake of the February high school shooting that left 17 Florida students dead.
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CAPE TOWN, South Africa – As students and police clash at South African universities, with many campuses closed because of protests against fee increases, Catholic students called on the government to increase its education budget.

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