Readers may recall my May 2020 article in this publication. I shared how my Dad, Edward Ecker, was coping with the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic while living in a long-term care facility in Brantford, Ont.  

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Basketball standout Abu Kigab’s tenacious drive to be the best athlete he can may be proof that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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June 19, 2020

A game changer

Father’s Day is a time to celebrate the men who go above and beyond for their family, and for former CFL star Doyle Orange going the whole nine yards (plus one) is second nature. 

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VANCOUVER – Katherine Babcock was in college studying toward an arts degree when she found out she was pregnant. The child's father, her best friend of 10 years, could not cope with the news.
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You might get a sense of how different when you notice a couple of dads coming out of Starbucks in comfortable sweats, pushing strollers on a weekday afternoon. Pictures on Facebook of new fathers standing in the delivery room holding their newborns might also seem a little different. Men taking paternity leave from the office — another change.

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NEW ORLEANS – It didn't start out as a Father's Day present, but now the tables were turned.

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Wherever he goes — to work, back home, on a business trip — Mark Shriver carries in his briefcase a remnant of the greatest inheritance he received from his dad, the late Sargent Shriver.

After his dad died last year, Mark Shriver was researching and reflecting on what made his dad A Good Man, which became the title of a book written in his honour, which came out just in time for Father’s Day. In addition to the public record of his dad’s accomplishments and words, found in news articles and in the text of his speeches, Mark Shriver retained something much more precious — copies of notes that his dad had slipped under his door nearly every day as he was growing up.

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